Mary Kate Baker

School Attended While Fellow: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Contact Email:

Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH:  Reproductive health, specifically adolescent sexuality, STI and pregnancy prevention.  Also, Poverty and its affect on women's and children's health.

Current Research/Area of Study:  I work for the Birmingham Youth Violence Study at the UAB Center for the Advancement of Youth Health.  We are currently collecting data for Wave 3 of the study; participants range in age from 16-20 years of age.  We use a computer assisted interview technique to ask questions about participants' friends, families, behaviors, relationships, substance use, etc. with the ultimate goal of better understanding why some children and adolescents grow up well and healthy and why others grow up to harm themselves or others.

Accomplishments: MCH Leadership Training Grant Recipient (2007-2008); Sonny Callahan Scholarship Recipient (2008-2009); Delta Omega Inductee (May 2009)

Current Work:  I will be attending East Tennessee State University (ETSU) this Fall where I plan to pursue a DrPH in Community Health.

Future Work:  I will also be working for ETSU this Fall as an undergraduate course instructor and Graduate Assistant to a yet-to-be-determined faculty member.