Marissa Rousselle

Name:   Marissa Rousselle


School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health


Contact E-mail:


Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH: I am particularly interested in issues related to adolescent sexual and reproductive health; specifically, positive youth development programs, teen pregnancy and STI prevention, and long-acting reversible contraception.


Current Research/Area of Study: My Master’s research explores information shared on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook regarding Human Papillomavirus and HPV vaccines. This qualitative study hopes to illuminate how the sites are used to obtain and share health information, as well as discuss personal experiences with HPV and gain social support.


Current Work: I am a Graduate Assistant with CeaseFire (, health behavior intervention to reduce shootings and killings among those at highest risk.  I am responsible for conducting a comprehensive literature review that will directly inform the development of new programmatic elements for the community mobilization and public education components of the CeaseFire model. This work seeks to improve the model’s effectiveness with respect to changing community norms about violence. I am also an Urban Future Leaders of the World program coach ( With uFLOW, I am helping a local high school student complete a community service project. Kelsey, my mentee, aims to organize after school activities in her community to keep her peers out of trouble and having fun. 


Future Work: The sky’s the limit! I am open to all possibilities that avail themselves to me in the field of public health. I am very excited to be concluding my studies at UIC and beginning my career.  J