Lynn Goldberg

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center


Contact E-mail:


Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH: male involvement in family planning, preconception/interconception care, use of social media to outreach and enhance services, strategic planning, organizing and planning for events


Current Research/Area of Study: Master of Public Health, Health Promotion Sciences




a.       Certified Health Education Specialist #12840 since April, 2006

b.      Oklahoma Public Health Leadership Institute, Fellow, 2006-2007

c.       Oklahoma Public Health Association, Maternal and Child Health Section Chair, 2008-2010

d.      Oklahoma Public Health Association, Conference Planning Co-Chair, 2010



Current Work:

a.       Provide technical assistance and training to all county health departments and family planning contractors on innovative outreach methods to recruit male clients into the family planning program

b.      Develop and maintain the Perinatal & Reproductive Health website, including the Men’s Health webpage

c.       Develop and maintain the Improving Infant Outcomes initiative website

d.      Revitalized men’s health week/month within the Oklahoma State Department of Health and work with the committee to plan and host men’s health month activities



Future Work: I’d like more hands-on activity with clients and stakeholders in my future public health endeavors. I loved planning the 2010 OPHA annual conference and would like more responsibility to be involved in other public health events of this magnitude. Health policy and working with the legislature is something that I enjoy and would like to learn more about as I move forward with my career.  I value guidance and support from my supervisors, but I also appreciate being able to work autonomously. As for specific subject-matter, I’m very open to all aspects of public health.