Kathryn (Callie) Kaplan

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

       Contact E-mail: kckaplan@gmail.com; kaplan@tulane.edu

Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH:

            Adolescent Sexual Health

            Reproductive Health and Reproductive Health Rights

            Sexual Violence

            Women/Girls Empowerment

Current Research/Area of Study:

            Area of Study; Epidemiology/Maternal and Child Health

Resiliency in at-risk adolescent mothers with health birth outcomes in New Orleans

Pregnancy outcomes in adolescent girls based on participation in sexual health and soccer program in rural Haiti

Assessing Neighborhood Disorder and Maternal Stress in New Orleans (data collection phase; data analysis phase)




"GenNext: Healthy Women through Sports", Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association; Philadelphia, PA, November 6-11, 2009 (poster)

"Lives and Work of Traditional Birth Attendants in Rural Haiti", Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association; Philadelphia, PA, November 6-11, 2009 (presentation)

"Improving Young Women’s Reproductive Health through Sports and Health Education", Global Health Education Consortium, Cuernavaca, Mexico, April 9-11, 2010; Interagency Youth Working Group, Washington D.C., June 3, 2010 (presentation)

                     Maternal and Child Health Leadership Training Program 2010-2011 Cohort Member

Current Work:

This past summer I worked as the legal and advocacy intern at MADRE in New York focusing on technical support of their partnership with KOFAVIV, a grassroots Haitian women’s group based in Port-au-Prince Haiti. KOFAVIV provides support to victims of sexual violence as is one of the leading forces in the fight against Gender-Based Violence in Port-au-Prince. I also worked on a short-term project with the Inter-American Development Bank conducting community-level qualitative interviews to identify gender disparities in the Haitian education system. I am now working on two research projects with Tulane in New Orleans. One is identifying sources of resiliency in high-risk adolescent mothers in New Orleans through qualitative interviews. The second is utilizing direct observation techniques to look at "neighborhood disorder" in New Orleans as related to stress and pregnancy outcomes.

Future Work:

I am still exploring my future work opportunities for when I graduate this coming May. I plan to work in the MCH field, specifically related to adolescent sexual health, sexual violence or reproductive health, however I am open to other aspects of the MCH field as well.