Jennifer Marshall

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: University of South Florida

Contact E-mail:

Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH: My passion is child development in the context of family and community. I have over 20 years of professional and academic experience working with young children with developmental and behavioral challenges, special health care needs, and birth defects. Maternal and Child Health within a Public Health context is the perfect fit for system’s level research, advocacy, and program planning.

Current Research/Area of Study: I’m currently working as a Research Associate on several epidemiological and mixed methods birth defects research projects. I also work extensively with a number of local nonprofits programs, on coalitions and committees, local initiatives, and conducting community based research projects- mainly activities related to family-agency partnerships, access to services, and program evaluation. My dissertation topic is Parent Recognition and Help-Seeking for Developmental Concerns in their Young Children. My hope is to better understand the processes that parents go through in recognizing and responding to developmental concerns so that we can improve the efficiency and timeliness of entry for developmental screening, assessment, and early intervention programs.

Accomplishments: Last year I had the privilege of serving as President of the USF Maternal and Child Health Student Organization. I am currently Co-Chair of Hillsborough Community Screening Initiative, Co-Chair of Hillsborough Community Parenting Coalition, and will serve this coming year as a USF MCH Trainee and also an APHA MCH Fellow.

Current Work: (see #5) In addition to research positions described above, I have taught an online course on the Foundations of Maternal and Child Health for three semesters.

Future Work: Upon completion of the PhD program, I hope to secure a position at a university, government agency, or nonprofit agency in order to make significant contributions to the health and well-being of young children and their families in our local community, state, and nationwide- through research, workforce development, and advocacy.