Dennis Li

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: University of Texas School of Public Health

Contact E-mail:

Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH:

Adolescent and young adult health, sexual health, teen pregnancy and STI/HIV prevention, sexual minority (LGBT) youth, positive youth development, nutrition and physical activity

Applied to adolescent and young adult health:

Program development, program evaluation, health communication, behavioral theories, psychometry

Current Research/Area of Study:

I co-direct a project at the University of Texas Prevention Research Center that focuses on the adoption and implementation of evidence-based sexual health education programs (EBPs) into middle and high schools in Texas. Specifically, we are developing a web-based decision-support system that will facilitate this process for school districts by creating "champions" for EBPs. We work closely with school health stakeholders in Harris County, TX.


Leadership Education in Adolescent Health Fellowship (2010-2011), Executive Director of UTSPH Student Association (2010-2011), Dolan Mullen Scholarship (2011), Ronald J. Lorimor Scholarship (2010), Reuel A. Stallones Scholarship (2009)

Current Work:

I am a first-year PhD student in health promotion/behavioral sciences at the UT School of Public Health, from which I also received my MPH in August 2011. In addition to working for the UT Prevention Research Center, I am editorial assistant for The Journal of Primary Prevention.

Future Work:

Following my doctorate, I plan to enter academia in health promotion.