Anna Bauer

School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill      


Contact E-mail:


Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH:   Health disparities, particularly of low birthweight, preterm birth, and infant mortality; Maternal and child services coordination; Reproductive health; Environmental health; Social welfare history


Current Research/Area of Study: 

I am completing my Master’s of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health.

My current research includes assisting with a project investigating social contributors to preterm birth among African American women and conducting an assessment of how to improve workforce development to create a pipeline for health department professional staff in NC.



University Master’s Merit Award recipient (2009); US Peace Corps Volunteer, Girls’ Education and Empowerment Sector, Islamic Republic of Mauritania (2007-2009)


Current Work:

I am currently completing my summer practicum at the Brunswick County Health Department in eastern North Carolina. I have been working on various projects within the Health Department, including grant writing for development of a preconception health program, grant writing to develop an employer breastfeeding support program, assisting with the county community health assessment, and reporting on the success of a child dental health program. In the fall, I would like to continue research on health disparities and improving public health infrastructure in North Carolina.


Future Work:

    While I have not yet determined whether I would like to work in the realm of policy research or public health management, I want to work to improve the integration and coordination of maternal and child services by reducing resource constraints and using effective technology.