Alana Wooley

Name: Alana Wooley


School Attended While Participating in the Student Fellows Program: Harvard University School of Public Health


Contact E-mail:


Areas/Topics of Interest in MCH: I am interested in the social roots of racial/ethnic health disparities, particularly among the heterogeneous Latino population in the United States. 


Current Research/Area of Study: My work has focused on the social determinants of racial/ethnic birth disparities including preterm birth and low birthweight, risk factors for long-term health consequences.  Currently, using data from a birth cohort study of urban residents of Boston, MA, I am investigating the relationship between prenatal exposure to pollutants and psychosocial stressors such as socioeconomic status, violence, and social support on birth outcomes. 


Accomplishments: MCH Training Grant Recipient (2008-2010)


Current Work: I will be completing my Master of Science program at Harvard School of Public Health. 


Future Work: I plan to pursue doctoral training regarding life course and social determinants of racial/ethnic disparities in maternal and child health.