MCH Section 2007 Strategic Plan




2007-2010 Strategic Planning





  • Influence national MCH policies
  • Assure that APHA is positioned to play an active role in MCH policy
    • Submit timely and appropriate position papers related to practice, program, research and funding.
    • Place MCH professionals into APHA policy positions
  • Develop leadership within the Section
  • Communicate with members about policy and programmatic issues




Increase MCH’s influence within APHA

  • Use technology (e.g. Blogs) to raise emerging or persistent  MCH issues
  • Recommend specific legislative policy agendas to the Government Relation staff. 

Increase Membership

  • Become more involved with the affiliates.
  • Form a task force to work on marketing strategies for specific target audiences such as lapsed members, affiliate members, sister organizations, students and faculty.
  • Increase MCH presence at the Annual meeting:

o       New booth

o       Develop new collateral material. 

o       Session moderators will include information about the Section during introductions

o       Have a printed list of MCH session available at each session and at the booth.

o       Participate in the APHA orientations

  • Retention ideas included:

o       Student to student contact

o       Committee chairs providing a personal contact to new members

o       Sending a membership application to abstract reviewers

o       Specifically follow up with presenters – send them an invitation to attend the membership meeting.


Leadership Development

  • Develop opportunities for APHA fellows and authors to become more active.


Policy Development

  • Engaging old and new members in policy development
  • Active involvement at JPC or Action Board about specific policies.
  • Develop action around emerging issues such as:
    • development of the MCH workforce,
    • health  inequities,
    • preconception health and care,
    • access to comprehensive risk appropriate care,
    • normal birth,
    • preventing iatrogenic preterm birth,
    • maternal mortality, 
    • children with special health care needs.
  • Connect members with ideas  - mentors
  • Promote new responsibility for Finance & Policy Committee
  • Develop a cadre of members to review proposed policies for the Governing Council.
  • Develop a core group of members who are experts in formal policy develop that can provide TA to individual interested in developing a policy paper.



  • Encourage more section involvement
  • Encourage members to respond to the action alerts
  • Develop new ways to broaden the MCH influence within APHA
    • Regularly post MCH issues on the APHA blog
    • Initiate Pod Casts, webinars, etc.
  • Develop advocacy skills among members
  • Develop feedback loop
  • Identify policies that have made a difference then highlight them in our newsletter, etc.
  • Celebrate successes