MCH Section Accomplishments

Specifically, the Section:

  • Sponsors a number of resolutions/policy statements approved by APHA on issues of maternity care, family health, injury prevention, school lunch programs, child care services, birth records, premarital serologic tests, infant feeding, school health, adolescent health, children with special health care needs, etc.;
  • Provides testimony for APHA on behalf of maternal and child health issues;
  • Presents annually the Martha May Eliot Award and Young Professional Award to persons who have made distinguished contributions to education, practice or research in the field of maternal and child health;
  • Organizes and sponsors an average of 25 sessions at the Annual Meetings on such topics as family violence, federal funding for MCH programs, health education, program planning and evaluation, breastfeeding, injury prevention, chronic illnesses, teen pregnancy and infant mortality reduction strategies;
  • Establishes policy-making committees and task forces in such fields as adolescent health, child advocacy, injury prevention, family violence, genetics and prenatal care;
  • Publishes a newsletter to keep the membership abreast of current issues in maternal and child health and current activities and plans of the Section; and 
  • Participates in APHA governance through election of Section representatives to the Governing Council, Executive Board and other standing committees and task forces of APHA.