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The APHA Law Section (formerly Health Law Special Primary Interest Group-SPIG and Health Law Forum), is made up of leading scholars and practitioners working at the intersection of law and public health. As a diverse and growing Section within APHA, we are committed to creating mechanisms through which our members can contribute to APHA meetings and activities, as well as network and communicate with each other.


To join the Law Section, please contact APHA Member Services by phone (202-777-2400) or e-mail (

Heather A. McCabe, JD, MSW

Jason Smith, JD, MTS

Newsletter Editor:
Lance Gable JD, MPH


Through the mission of the Law Section, we seek to:

Highlight the critical role played by domestic and international law in protecting the public’s health.

Explore a range of disciplinary perspectives to improve the scope and content of health law and public health law.

Develop partnerships among scholars and practitioners to shape the use of legal tools for individual and public health.

Nurture rising leaders in health law and public health law.


Law Section Activities

APHA offers several different ways for members of the Law Section to work at the intersection of law and public health, to increase their impact on the APHA governing process, and to improve communication among SPIG members.

         APHA Annual Meeting – The Law Section sponsors a series of panels during the APHA Annual Meeting. Throughout the year, the Law Section Program Committee develops a program for the Annual Meeting that is representative of the broad areas within which our members research and practice. A complete list of Law Section panels can be found at

         Annual Health Law Section Business Meeting – All Law Section members are encouraged to attend the Section's annual business meeting. The business meeting is an ideal place for those interested in public health law to meet and set the course of (and the discourse about) the future of public health law. This year’s will be held at the APHA Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, at six-thirty on Monday, November 9th.

         Law Newsletter – Have any announcements, articles, case summaries, conferences or other news you wish to share with the other Law Section members? Send an e-mail to the Newsletter Editor, Lance Gable,

         APHA Governing Council – The APHA Governing Council is the APHA policy-making body. Through active involvement on the Governing Council, the Law Section shapes APHA policy to address the legal and ethical issues facing both the public health community and those receiving (or failing to receive) health services. 


To join the Law Section , please contact APHA Member Services by phone (202-777-2400) or e-mail.