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The IH Section’s mission is to (a) provide a multidisciplinary forum for scientific and public exchanges of knowledge and views on international and global health issues; (b) collaborate with those within APHA whose interests intersect with international and global health; (c) advocate for key international and global health issues within the Association and at various levels of government; (d) serve as advocate for the development and recognition of technically, scientifically and politically sound approaches to international and global health problems; and (e) mobilize interest and encourage debate among professionals and the public on international and global health issues. More information about the IH section's activities and  governance can be found on the section's "About" page.

The section’s members, which number over 1500, are a broad range of international health professionals from students to professors, interns to program directors, and authorities on many aspects of international health. We live in over 60 countries and practically every state of the U.S.

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