Leadership Roster

Injury Control and Emergency Health Services


Elected Officers 2013-2014


Chair:  John Lundell

Chair-Elect:  Shelli Stephens-Stidham

Past Chair:  Sara Newman

Secretary:  Ginger Yang 

Secretary-Elect:  Carla Britton

Section Councilors: 

Friedrich M. von Recklinghausen 

Jennifer Cheng-Dobson 

Marie Crandall

Emmy Betz

Nancy Bill

    Governing Councilors

    Karin Mack

   Joyce Pressley




The diversity of ICEHS membership is a strength of the section. This diversity catalyzes discussion, adds perspective to committees, and weight to our advocacy efforts. In an attempt to provide the opportunity for more members to participate fully in section activities, we are reinvigorating the committee structure through expansion of committee membership and improved communication using e-mail, the web, and conference calls. We encourage members to become engaged in one or more of the following committees and/or to suggest the formation of new committees on topics where there is a nucleus of interested members.

Science Program Chair:  Joyce Pressley

Nominations Chair:  Sara Newman

ICEHS Awards Dinner Host Chair: (vacant)

Student Award Chairs: Kathleen Carlson and Doug Wiebe

Communications Chairs: 

       Beata Debinski and Ginger Yang

Development Chair: Bella Dinh-Zarr and Anara Guard

Membership Chair: Jacob Kopp

Policy Chair: Kevin Borrup and Rose Fife

Awards Chair: Shelli Stephens-Stidham

Student Representative: 

      Dawn Comstock and Laura Schwab-Reese

Archivist: Les Fisher



Data: J. Lee Annest, Larry Cook, Margaret Warner   

Sports and Recreational Injury: Jill Corlette and Carla Britton

Transportation Safety: Joyce Pressley

Emergency Health Services and Disaster Preparedness: 

       Umair Shah and Jacob Kopp

Violence Prevention: Jeff Hall and Catherine Stayton

Liaisons to the International Health Section:

       Billie P. Weiss and Rose S. Fife


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