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Mission Statement

The mission of the HIV/AIDS Section of the American Public Health Association is to promote the development of public health efforts to prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS and to enhance the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS, both nationally and internationally. The specific objectives of the HIV/AIDS Section are: to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and the dissemination of information on HIV/AIDS;


        to strengthen and support public health policy through the development of resolutions, position papers, and policy statements relating to HIV/AIDS issues;

        to support research into the causes, treatment, and prevention of HIV/AIDS;

        to advocate for effective programs to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and disseminate information on effective HIV prevention strategies to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, families, and communities;

        to support HIV prevention training for health care providers and educational materials for consumers;

        to advocate for programs that provide quality health and supportive services for individuals, families, and communities affected by HIV/AIDS; and

        to support equal access to health care for all individuals infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS.