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About Health Administration

The section concentrates on improvement of health service administration, including cost-benefit and operations research, program activities, finances, standards, and monitoring the organization of health services.




The mission of the APHA Health Administration Section is to promote the publics health by advancing the quality and practice of health administration.




The APHA HA Section will be leaders in the field of health administration by providing a cutting-edge forum for timely and reliable information on the best practices of health administration and leadership.




Principle of reliable and timely information


The section promotes good communication as a high priority, providing accurate and timely information about APHA, section activities and initiatives, and key issues and best practices of health administration.


Principle of collaboration


The section models collaboration by working with other sections and affiliates of APHA, schools of public health, health administration programs, and other relevant partners in developing and offering joint programming, training and educational offerings and policy initiatives.


Principle of innovative knowledge growth


The section encourages innovative learning opportunities by utilizing the skills, knowledge and talent of our members to educate our members and the greater public health community about current and future challenges in health administration.


Principle of dialogue


The section supports candid and authentic problem-solving dialogue about issues and challenges health administrators face today, and will embrace effective methods of overcoming the inertia of status quo."


Principle of diversity


The section embraces and encourages diversity of all kinds (including educational, age, gender, ethnicity, work experience etc.), among our members and in all our activities.


Principle of full engagement


The section provides opportunities for members to be fully engaged in the activities of the section and APHA.


Principle of sustainability


The section promotes growth and development through the identification, recruitment and mentoring of new and existing members, and will encourage creative resource development to support the section and its members.


Principles of the ethical practice of health administration in public health


The section models and promotes ethical principles and practices in health administration.