Food and Nutritoin Section Awards


Award nominations may be submitted by anyone. You may submit a nomination and may encourage others to submit nominations. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the achievements of nutrition professional at national, state, and community levels and to support and encourage peers and new professionals.

 There are five award categories:

·        Catherine Cowell Award

·        Mary C. Egan Award

·        Excellence in Dietary Guidance Award

·        Agnes Higgins Award

·        Student Award

Guidance for selecting the nominees:


Catherine Cowell Award

This esteemed award honors district achievement in the areas of leadership, planning, administration, and mentoring in public health nutrition, with emphasis at the local level.  The recipient of this award has notably answered the unique needs of urban populations and young children.  The Food & Nutrition Section proudly sponsors this award.


Mary C. Egan Award

This honor goes to those public health nutritionists who pioneer fresh approaches to public health nutrition, nutrition education, and those groups with special dietary needs.  The Food & Nutrition Section proudly sponsors this award.


Excellence in Dietary Guidance Award

This distinction is sponsored by the Food & Nutrition Section and celebrates individuals who have made world-class contributions in dietary guidance formulation, research, education, implementation and/or policy change.


Agnes Higgins Award

This award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions in the area of maternal and child nutrition and exemplary services and professional achievements in improving pregnancy outcomes. (This award is made through the March of Dimes in coordination with the Food and Nutrition and Maternal Child Health Sections

Student Award

This award recognizes the student who submits the abstract that is rated highest by Food and Nutrition Section abstract reviewers. The Program Committee determines the winner.

Awards Committee Process:

  • Awards committee chair sends out a call for nominations and for Award Committee members
  • Food & Nutrition Section Members send in nomination letters with the cvs for the person nominated and respond to the questions that are provided on the form.
  • Members that have been awarded an award from the section in the past are not eligible for nomination again
  • Those members who nominate can be part of the committee but cannot participate in the voting
  • The Award Committee reviews the materials and make their recommendations and decisions
  • A running list of members that were nominated is kept for the following year to increase the pool of future nominations (It might be interesting during the awards dinner to have an activity for participants to get to know each other’s work, some of the committee members were new to the section and wanted to get to know the members better)
  • The Award Committee Chair notifies the awardees and solicits a photo and bio-sketch for the program and also notifies APHA by their deadline (General Timeline: Send out notice March 30th, Gather nominations, deadline: April 30th, Convene meeting to select Awardees some time before May 30th and let APHA know the names of the awardees by mid-June
  • The Committee selects who will present the award during the reception