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About Food and Nutrition

 The goals of the section are as follows:

·        Through collaborative partnership, to influence national policy development related to public health nutrition and physical activity.  We do this by:

·          Keeping the Food and Nutrition Section membership informed about national policies and legislation related to nutrition and physical activity.

·          Strengthening and supporting public health policy and practice through the development of resolutions, position papers, and policy statements related to current and emerging issues in nutrition and physical activity.

·          Advocating for policies, programs, services, and environmental changes that will improve and support healthful eating and physical activity.

·        To keep the Food and Nutrition Section membership informed about new research and knowledge related to food, nutrition, and physical activity.

·        To maintain a commitment to the work force in recruiting and training for the field of public health nutrition, with special emphasis on diversity.

·        To strive for placement of Food and Nutrition Section members into APHA governance positions.

·        To increase and strengthen membership in the Food and Nutrition Section.