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We invite and encourage your active involvement. One of the best ways for you to build and maintain your career is by staying active within your professional association. We offer a number of opportunities for your involvement. Below is a list of the current standing committees and interest groups.


Awards Committee

Oscar Alleyne, Chair: 
Kristopher Fennie, Sub-Committee Chair:

Membership and Communications Committee

Cherise Charleswell, Chair:

Policy Committee

Manley Finch, Chair: 

Program Committee

Nico Rizzo, Chair:

Newsletter Committee

Andrea Polk-Stephenson, Chair:

Nominations Committee

Robin Taylor Wilson, Chair: 

Social Committee

Heidi Mortensen, Chair:

Student Committee

Shailesh Advani, Chair:
James A. Gaudino, Committee Mentor:

Education Committee

Wendy Huebner, Chair:


Epidemiology Interest Groups

Cancer Interest Group

Wiley D. Jenkins, Co-Lead:
Asif Patel, Co-Lead:

Cardiovascular and Diabetes Interest Group

Longjian Liu, Co-Lead:
Sinziana Seicean, Co-Lead:
Sophia Allen, Co-Lead:

Environmental Health Interest Group

Steve Konkel, Lead:

Infectious Disease Interest Group

Erica Smith, Co-Lead:
Tim Sankary, Co-Lead:

International Health Interest Group

Orion McCotter, Co-Lead:
Lisa Libassi, Co-Lead:

Maternal & Child Health

Edmond Shenassa, Lead:

Mental Health Interest Group

Manley Finch, Co-Lead:
Patrick High, Co-Lead:

Molecular Epidemiology Interest Group

Nico Rizzo, Lead:

Social Epidemiology and Health Disparities Interest Group

Siobhan Maty, Lead:

Spatial Epidemiology and Statistics (Leader Needed)
Please contact us directly if you have questions and/or interest in serving on a standing committee or interest group. You may also choose to serve through intermittent involvement via contributions to our newsletter, or review of policy statements and abstracts.  Members seeking elective office are encouraged to become involved in section activities prior to seeking elective office. Elected Section Leadership positions include a Chairperson, Chairperson-Elect, Immediate Past Chairperson, Secretary, Governing Councilors and Section Councilors.

To learn more about our section, please visit the Epidemiology Section webpage and take a look at our most recent section newsletters.

For general section inquiries, contact the Epidemiology Section Chair Howell Sasser at