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Environment Section’s Student Lounge

Environment Section is one of 25 Primary Sections in the APHA, all of which represent major public health programs. Sections serve as the primary professional units of the APHA and conduct activities that promote the mission and fulfill the goals of it. 

Through its section leadership and committees, the Environment Section allows APHA members with shared interests to come together to develop relevant education, advocacy, and policy that promotes positive environmental health.  The mission of the APHA Environment Section is to:

       Influence policy and other changes that create and sustain healthy environments and enhance research, public awareness, prevention and treatment of disease caused or exacerbated by environmental factors

       Develop alliances and professional support with others who work in a variety of public and private setting.

       Keep up to date with relevant science and policy.


Be an Active Student Member


      Facebook-APHA Environmental Section

Join the official Facebook group of the APHA Section of the environment.


       Google Groups-APHA Environmental Section Students

Join the website for the student members of the APHA Environment Section. As soon as we get the official site up and running, we will use this site to post announcements and archive.


Present at APHA!


o    Every year, the Environment Section seeks abstracts and full session proposals from students.  The theme for the 2012 APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition to be held October 27th to 31st in San Francisco, CA is “Prevention and Wellness Across the Lifespan.”   



Students of programs in environmental health, public health, and other health related fields are encouraged to submit abstracts pertaining to their academic research. Interested students should submit their abstract into the Environment Section's "Student Achievement Poster Award Track." Please note that abstracts submitted into other topic related tracks will not be considered for the award.


o    STUDENT TRAVEL Award for the APHA Annual Meeting
A limited number of student travel awards are available. It is not necessary to submit an abstract to be eligible for a travel award; however, extra consideration will be given to students who submit an abstract. For information about travel awards, contact Derek Shendell at