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Environment Section’s Chairperson

Kacee Deener is the Section Chair until November, 2015.  She can be reached at


Megan Latshaw is the Chairperson-Elect. Her term as Chairperson will begin in November of 2015 and continue through 2017. She can be reached at


Environment Section’s Membership Committee Chair

Do you have questions about becoming a member of the Environment Section of APHA? To be an active Environment Section member, an individual must be a current member of APHATo get more information about membership in the Environment Section, please contact the Chairs of the Membership Committee, Yolanda Sanchez at and Jyotnsa Jagai at 


Did you know you can be part of more than one APHA section?  Sections serve as the primary professional units of the Association and conduct activities that promote the mission and fulfill the goals of APHA. Sections create a variety of opportunities for member involvement, thus making the APHA experience richer for individuals who have the opportunity to attend and choose to interact with their primary sections.   


Environment Section’s Student Involvement Committee Chair

Students are an integral part of the Environment Section. We offer student travel scholarships, mentorship, and an opportunity to be involved in the Section. For information regarding student involvement, please contact the Chair of the Student Involvement Committee, Derek Shendell at    


Environment Section’s Newsletter Coordinator

If you have content for the Newsletter, please email Sarah Kelly at



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