Section Activities/Benefits

We support topic committees to address important environmental health issues in more detail. A brief overview of each committee is provided below, along with committee co-chair names and contact information.  Most of these committees meet on a regular basis.  Participating in these committees is a great way to get involved, and we encourage you to contact a committee chair if you are interested. 

• Built Environment Committee seeks to engage members who interested in understanding and changing place-based health inequities related to our physical, social, political, and economic systems. (Contact: Beth Altshuler (

• Climate Change and Health Committee connects professionals from diverse backgrounds, communicates climate change and health policy developments, and supports activities and policies at the intersection of climate change and health aimed at effective preventive strategies.  (Contact: Liz Perera ( or  Chris Rea (

• Environmental Justice Committee works on issues in underserved communities and organizes community outreach at the annual meeting. (Contact: Simone Charles ( or AJ Cuevas (

• Food and Environment Working Group is where the interests of APHA's Environment and Food & Nutrition Sections intersect. Members work together to protect public health by promoting and cultivating a safe, healthy, just and sustainable food system. This work includes enriching annual program offerings, mentoring and networking, and working on policy around the Farm Bill, food safety, antibiotic resistance and other issues. (Contact: Aliza Wasserman ( or  Lauren Kaskey  (

• Nature and Health Committee engages members in activities promoting the health benefits of being physically active in natural environments and supporting policies that enable access to green spaces for people of all ages, income levels and abilities. (Contact: Leyla Erk McCurdy ( or Jill Litt (

• National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures Committee engages members in activities to track progress being made with the Action Agenda recommendations that came out of The National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures project.  (Contact: Nse Obot Witherspoon (


2014 APHA Environment Section Program
Healthography: How where you live affects your health and well-beingNew Orleans, LA

Please join the Environment Section at the 2014 APHA Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. This year’s theme, "Healthography: How where you live affects your health and well-being,” provides a wonderful opportunity for the Environment Section to highlight the latest in environmental public health research and programs through oral scientific sessions and poster sessions. Additionally, the Environment Section has several special events and activities planned. 

You can access the full program – including cosponsored sessions – online COMING SOON! All activities organized by the Environment Section will take place in New Orleans, LA. Specific room locations will be announced at a later date. 

We encourage you to ‘Go Green!’ and use the APHA online Personal Scheduler to plan you APHA experience. The personal scheduler will enable registrants to view the program, select specific sessions and presentations and create a personal itinerary. Your itinerary can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection to change, update and add information at any time or download the personal scheduler to your PDA for immediate access. The personal scheduler can be found COMING SOON! 

Additionally, this year the Environment Section’s program planning committee will provide only a limited number of paper handouts publicizing the section’s scientific sessions and special events. In the past we have felt that this was a key marketing tool. However, with the rapid evolution of PDAs and iPhone scheduling apps we feel this is no longer the case.  Please consider importing your APHA schedule into your personal electronic device and convince your APHA colleagues to do the same. COMING SOON is a PDF version of the Environment Section Program which can also be downloaded to easily navigate all of the activities and the sections program.              

Look forward to seeing you in New Orleans, LA

Program Chairs:  Surili Sutaria and Jo Anna Shimek

Monthly Meeting Information: Environment Section meetings are held the third Thursday of every month. Every Section member is invited to participate! To be a participant in the calls, please email Sarah Kelly at: View meeting minutes from past meetings at the Environment section's APHA Connect site.


The APHA Section Newsletters are distributed electronically to APHA members and, can be accessed with an APHA Member-ID and password in a Member's Only Restricted area of the APHA Web site at: APHA Section Newsletters. Have you forgotten your APHA username or password?


Please view all the Environment Section Newsletters here


Got something to submit to the Newsletter? If you have content for the Newsletter, please email Sarah Kelly at   



Homer N. Calver Award:

This award recognizes an environmental health expert, usually of national renown, who has contributed in significantly to the field. The award recipient will provide a special lecture at the Annual APHA Meeting.


Congratulations to the award recipients:

Diane Takvorian            2008

Howard Frumkin            2009

Carolyn Raffensperger    2010

Steven B. Wing             2011

Rajiv Bhatia                  2012

Linda Birnbaum              2013


Damu Smith Environmental Achievement Award:

Leadership comes in many forms and from many different communities. This award recognizes crosscutting collaborative work that has enhanced or increased understanding of economic security, ecological conservation, culture, or health. Award recipients are likely to approach their work with a broad or global perspective, and to be notable and inspiring in some of the following areas of work in relation to environmental issues: 1) developing leadership, building movement, or engaging youth; 2) partnering across difference; 3) achieving on–the–ground results; 4) funding equitably; 5) promoting respect by addressing racism, sexism and other oppressions through communication and education; 6) diversifying membership, workforce, or board; 7) modeling positive structural changes based on evaluation and accountability procedures.


Congratulations to the award recipients:

Hilton Kelley                2008

Vernice Miller-Travis     2010

Gary R. Grant              2011

Gina Solomon              2012

Mark Mitchell               2013


Distinguished Service Award:

This award recognizes a Section member who provides noteworthy & important contributions to the Section.


Congratulations to the award recipients:

Allen Dearry and Nsedu Obot Witherspoon    2008

John Balbus                                            2009

Jill Litt                                                   2010

Tony DeLucia                                          2011

Nse Obot-Witherspoon                              2012

David Wallinga                                         2013


Section Policies & Resolutions

APHA members have the opportunity to review proposed new policies. The Policy Committee will try to communicate to the Section those proposed policies that might most benefit from member input. Find more information on the Association’s policy statements and advocacy priorities.


APHA members seeking to submit policies should consider consulting the Policy Committee Chair for guidance, especially if they are unfamiliar with the process. Also, anyone with an interest in assisting with the policy review process should contact the Policy Committee Chairs, Kyle Kinner and Roni Neff

at and