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About Environment

Vision & Mission

The Environment Section at APHA serves as a multi-disciplinary "home" for professionals, leaders and students involved in environmental health.


The Section’s mission is to:

  • Influence policy and other changes that create and sustain healthy environments and enhance research, public awareness, prevention and treatment of disease caused or exacerbated by environmental factors;
  • Develop alliances and professional support with others who work in a variety of public and private settings;
  • Keep up to date with relevant science and policy.


The Engineering Section was established in 1911 as the fourth Section of the American Public Health Association. The Section name was changed to Engineering and Sanitation Section in 1955 and to the Environment Section in 1970.


Bylaws (Word document)


Join the Environment Section

Sections serve as the primary professional units of the Association, and they conduct activities that promote the mission and fulfill the goals of APHA. Sections create a variety of opportunities for member involvement, thus making the APHA experience richer for individuals who have the opportunity to attend and choose to interact with their primary sections. 


To be an active Environment Section member, an individual must be a current member of APHA. Anyone who is a member of APHA may become a member of the Environment Section. For more information, please contact Yolanda Sanchez and Jyotsna Jagai, the Chair of the Membership Committee at or