Why Join APHA’s Environment Section?

Environment Section's Student Lounge  - Why Join APHA’s Environment Section?


1.Michael L. Reiss


Joining APHA will allow you to work in the many facets of public health right along side the “best in the business." You will have the opportunity to influence policy, nationally and internationally. You will possibly find an area that you had an interest in and never before knew it was being regulated and/or researched.  You will work with business executives, leaders in government and federal agencies, and military leaders and planners.  You will get a jump start in your public health career as a member of APHA.


Finally, the country is looking at you for expert guidance in times of concern for America’s health and homeland security. This puts public health professionals in the lead, providing that guidance in support of the team effort involving the agencies and governments (federal, state, local) in the United States.  APHA is also concerned with the current global public health service requirements. In this time of world travel, emerging disease, terrorism, and environmental degradation, your expertise and caring attitude is of vital importance.


Take a look at APHA, find a member to talk to – in fact find several members to talk to.  Find out about the team you are about to be a member of - a team that values your input.


LTC Michael L. Reiss, MPH, RS/REHS

Preventive Medicine Science Officer

US Army

Fort Monroe, VA




2.Derek G. Shendell


I have been a member of APHA and Environment (and MCH) sections since 1996, when I was first a graduate student in public health at Yale.

The main advantages to being an active member, in my opinion, are networking with colleagues—professionals, advocates, policy makers, researchers and fellow graduate students—nationwide and in your region (including state affiliate); the job search resources and listings provided through APHA's main website and at the conference each year; the outstanding educational opportunities and plenary speakers at annual conferences; and, allowing each of us to remain humble, that is, to be reminded constantly on how much remains to be done to improve public's health and our environmental quality! 

Derek G. Shendell, D.Env, MPH
Assistant Professor and Director of the New Jersey Safe Schools Program
Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
UMDNJ-School of Public Health
683 Hoes Lane West, P.O. Box 9, 3rd Floor SPH Building
Piscataway, NJ 08854
732-235-5409 or -4988
3. Andrew L. Dannenberg

I joined APHA in 1978 as I was finishing medical school and headed for a career in public health.  Over the years APHA has been especially valuable for the AJPH journal which often has articles relevant to my work, for the annual meetings which are excellent for networking and for keeping up with new ideas, and for the advocacy done by APHA which is an important part of public health.  I encourage students to join APHA early in their career.  As a potential employer, APHA membership on a resume at an early stage of career does indicate a commitment to the field of public health.

Andrew L. Dannenberg, MD, MPH
Associate Director for Science
Division of Emergency and Environmental Health Services
National Center for Environmental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
4770 Buford Highway, Mailstop F-60
Atlanta GA 30341

Phone       770-488-7103
Fax           770-488-4820