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APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition 

The APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition is the premier Public Health Educational Forum! Learn from the experts in the field, hear about cutting edge research and exceptional best practices, discover the latest public health products and services, and share your public health experience with your peers. The world of public health is in continual motion, and there is no better time to stay abreast of the research and learn about emerging issues.


Opportunities to Publish

Environmental Justice, the new journal on environmental justice research, policy, and advocacy, and the Journal of Environmental Health (JEH), the official journal of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) are interested in obtaining more manuscript submissions on environmental justice and public health.   If you are interested in submitting to JEH, you can submit a regular manuscript or a short 1,000 word manuscript anytime.  If accepted, the paper will either be published in JEH or online at NEHA's website.


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