November 2009 Minutes

American Public Health Association

Disability Section Minutes

Monthly Meeting

Conference Call


November 5, 2009



Council members present: Anthony Cahill (Accessibility Co-Chair), Roberta S. Carlin (Communications Chair), Charles Drum (Governing Council Representative), Stephen French Gilson (Chair Elect), Catherine Leigh Graham (Accessibility Co-Chair), Willi Horner-Johnson (Treasurer), George Jesien (Membership Chair), Gloria Krahn (Past Chair/Elections Chair), Don Lollar (Governing Council Representative), Suzanne McDermott (Policy Chair), James H. Rimmer (Chair), Jennifer Rowland (Awards Chair), Meg Ann Traci (Secretary), and Anjali Truitt (Student Liaison).

Council members not present: H. Stephen Kaye (Program Chair) and Jana Petersen (Student Liaison Faculty Supervisor).


Opening: Jim Rimmer opened the meeting at 11:00 a.m. (EDT) prompting roll call and discussion of minutes from the September 3, 2009 meeting.


Minutes: The October 1, 2009 meeting minutes were approved as corrected (mover: Suzanne McDermott; seconder: Catherine Graham).


Roberta will email Natasha about needed website updates.


Governing Council, Don Lollar and Charles Drum

Don completes his term as the governing council representative this year. Gloria Krahn’s term will begin at the end of the APHA 2009 meetings in Philadelphia. Charles wondered how to involve Gloria in the training of governing council representatives at this year’s meeting. Don and Charles will discuss off-line with Jim if necessary.  


Jim reported that about 40 or 45 will be coming to the “Meet the Disability Section” meeting.  He has emailed Fran Atkinson suggested talking points for Dr. Benjamin to use at this Repast.


Student Liaison, Anjali Truitt

Anjali reported that the Student Assembly is meeting Sunday from noon to 5:00 P.M. and will focus on health care reform and information technology. Anjali is emailing student members about other student activities: 1) Get-together, Monday night, during and after the Disability Section Business Meeting and Social; and 2) dance party on Tuesday. Anjali has updated students about these events. Anjali also forwarded the APHA Disability Section booth sign-up sheet to student members as a reminder to volunteer at the conference booth. Jim asked Anjali to coordinate distribution of student brochures at the conference as well.


Membership, Chair George Jesien

[Report emailed by G. Jesien to Disability Section councilors, 11/5/09 at 8:53AM]


I (George) will be on the call but also wanted you to have these documents since I will not be in Philadelphia. Attached (to George’s email) are the following:


1.      Membership report for the year showing a modest increase in the membership of the Disability Section (included below as part of these minutes).

2.      Another copy of the Booth Sign-up sheet. This is a bit more readable version of the Google Docs file (amended to the minutes).

3.      Sheet provided by APHA to add or change the Section membership. We have sent 150 of these to the Booth location in the conference center (amended to the minutes).


A box of Frisbees, Section change sheets and the exhibit have been shipped to the conference to booth 512.


Free passes. We have given one free pass to Melinda Nari at Steve Kaye’s request. I have requested one more for a person that I understand may or may not go through. If it does not we will have two passes that we can get at the conference and if it does we will have one more that can be assigned at the conference.


Membership Report

November 6, 2009

Membership report for period ending September 30, 2009:

The Disability Section currently has a total membership of: 259. This is an increase of 14 members over the last six months with most of the change occurring in the Student and Regular membership Categories. The following table depicts current membership categories and the change from the period beginning September 30, 2008 to September 30, 2009.


Current categories of Members


Membership Category

Number of Members

Change from last year



Regular (RE)




Student (ST)




Transitional (TRNL)




Retired (RT)




Contributing (CT)




Consumer (CN)




Special Health Worker (SHW)









Membership Committee Activities:

1.      Shipped display to Montana for State Activities and will have available for APHA Disability Section Booth.

2.      Repurchased small frisbee give-aways for the convention to be used at the Disability Section display to attract visitors and provide additional branding for the Disability Section.

3.      Developed a sign-up procedure for Section members to work at the Disability Section Display.

4.      Contacted new members at the end of each quarter welcoming them to the Section and providing them information on the Section Website  and contacted lapsed members to remind them to renew their membership in APHA and the Section


Planned Activities for Coming Months:

1.      1. Contact current lapsed members asking them to renew or for reasons that they have allowed their membership to the Section lapse if they do not plan to renew.

2.      Follow-up on those who have come by the Display Booth to encourage them to join the Section.

3.      Support Dot Nary’s idea of asking for stories from members on why they belong to the Disability Section as a means to interest others in joining the Section. 


Respectfully Submitted by: George Jesien


Program, Chair Steve Kaye

[Report emailed by S. Kaye, 11/5/09 at 12:31AM]


The program remains in good shape, with only one recent cancellation of an oral presentation, which I was able to fill in by "promoting" an accepted poster into that slot.  All members should have received a PDF of the Disability Section program, with selected outside sessions also noted; hard copies will also be available at the meeting.  All speakers and moderators have been contacted to remind them of time limits, accessibility issues, and responsibilities.  Most of the PowerPoint files for the oral presentations have been uploaded, and most of the remaining speakers have notified me that they'll be doing so well in advance of their scheduled presentation.


Chair’s Forum, Chair Stephen Gilson

Stephen noted that the forum planners are hoping for a good turnout. Roberta will develop strategies to distribute presenters’ papers (e.g., post on an alternative website if APHA cannot get the papers up in time). Stephen encouraged people to attend given the excellence of the contributed papers.


Awards, Chair Jennifer Rowland

1.  Awards that will be given during the Monday night ceremony are:


Lifetime Achievement Award: Barbara Altman New Investigator Award: Willi Horner-Johnson Student Award: Cheri Blauwet


External Award Certificates will be given to two members of the International Section (Suzanne McDermott will present the certificates to them)


A certificate of appreciation will be given to Anna Keller for her work on accessibility issues with our Section (Catherine Graham will present the certificate to her)


Jennifer will create and print handouts with bio information about each of the award winners to hand out at the awards ceremony.


2.  The three main award winners (lifetime achievement, new investigator, student) will receive engraved plaques. During previous years we ordered extra blank awards to have engraved in later years because of a budget surplus at that time. Therefore, Dot Nary, the former awards chair, has arranged to have the previously purchased awards engraved and shipped to APHA.


3.  The certificates will be printed on the APHA template that was sent out by Fran Atkinson.


4.  The Awards Committee is in the process of creating revised/specific guidelines in order to make the selection criteria clearer. However, we have had problems coming up with a meeting time that works for everyone on the committee and have been attempting to create these recommendations by email.


However, we still need more time to finalize our recommendations. Therefore, we are going to wait to distribute flyers/information with the awards nomination information until we have the revised criteria and it is voted on by the executive committee. We'll plan to have information posted on the Disability Section website about nominations by January 15 (and the program deadline for selecting award winners is June 15. We'll set the deadline for accepting nominations as May 15, which will give us 5 months to accept nominations and one month to select the winners, which is the timeline we followed this year).


Accessibility, Co-Chairs Catherine Graham and Tony Cahill

Accessibility Booth has volunteers as well as convention center staff. The Accessibility Booth is available for anyone with questions about accessibility questions (e.g., where can I get an interpreter, accessibility transportation). Tony developed a log to document any issues that are reported. Fun Run walk meet by Courtyard by Marriot—Meg and Catherine discussed the accessible materials… Anything we’re passing out at the meeting Monday night… Jim asked Roberta to let members know about the accessibility booth. Tony will get something to Roberta. Catherine is en route to Philly to conduct training at conference.


Communications, Chair Roberta Carlin

Website updates on the Disability Section with links to member’s contact information, minutes, and the Disability and Health Journal (DOHJ) are coming soon. Roberta will develop strategies to get abstracts and preliminary papers for Chair’s Forum to members to read ahead of time; she also will continue to prompt APHA to get the documents uploaded to the website.


Roberta and Suzanne are going to talk to the Epidemiology Section about the DOHJ


Sunday evening, DOHJ editorial board members are invited to a reception at 7:00PM in the Lowes Philadelphia Hotel.


Policy, Chair Suzanne McDermott

The APHA Public Hearing is Sunday from 3:00 to 6:00 P.M., and Don Lollar will attend to represent our views on the policy related to building codes one. The APHA letter to Hillary Clinton on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities stands as sufficient policy document at this point for the organization.  The Disability Section’s views on the proposed war policies equating death to disability have been clearly communicated via email.


Elections, Chair Gloria Krahn



Treasurer, Willi Horner-Johnson

Funds are set for APHA meetings. Our; carryforward request was approved for $2,500. Once bills from the 2009 meetings are paid, we will consider proceeding with NACCHO mailing

Roberta will ask the NACCHO workgroup on disability for their perspectives on the value of conducting a mailing to the broad NACCHO membership.


George will send the list of the five scholarship recipients to Jim. The recipients have been given a series of five things from which they could pick one to report out about their experiences at the conference. Wlli will issue scholarship recipients after the conference.



Jim Rimmer closed the meeting at 12:11 p.m. (EST). The next Disability Section Council meeting is the in-person Annual Disability Section Council Meeting November 8, 2009 at 9:30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. EST, in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, 107B. The Section’s two new members—Vince Campbell, chair-elect and Kyoshi Yamaki, program chair-elect, will attend this meeting as will Kristine Mulhorn. Fran Atkinson may join us. The Chair’s Forum is 2:00-4:30. Minutes submitted by Secretary Meg Traci.