January 2011 Minutes

American Public Health Association

Disability Section Minutes

Monthly Meeting

Conference Call


January 6, 2011



Council members present: Vince Campbell (Policy Chair), Roberta S. Carlin (Communications Chair), Stephen French Gilson (Chair), Catherine Leigh Graham (Accessibility Co-Chair), Suzanne McDermott (Governing Council Representative), Dot Nary (Membership Chair),  James H. Rimmer (Past Chair/Elections Chair), Jennifer Rowland (Awards Chair), Meg Ann Traci (Secretary), Vijay Vasudevan (Student Liaison) and Kiyoshi Yamaki (Program Chair).

Council members not present: Anthony Cahill (Accessibility Co-Chair), Willi Horner-Johnson (Treasurer), H. Stephen Kaye (Chair Elect), and Gloria Krahn (Governing Council Representative).


Opening:  Stephen Gilson opened the conference call meeting at 12:03 P.M. (EST) prompting roll call.


Review and approval of the minutes was postponed to the next meeting.


Policy Co-Chair Discussion, Stephen Gilson

Stephen led a discussion about next steps following the decision made at the 11/7/2010 Executive Council meeting to appoint Barbara Kornblau as policy co-chair, particularly to address the Section’s APHA-external advocacy and policy work that would be difficult for Vince Campbell to address as Policy Chair, given his employment at the CDC. Catherine underscored that there are no constraints for developing a co-chair position (see APHA Bylaws, pp. 17-18; http://www.apha.org/NR/rdonlyres/8103CD75-A7ED-4652-A8C1 A2A8A09036A5/0/BylawsAmendedNovember2010.pdf ). There was additional discussion of the history of co-chair arrangements on the Executive Council (e.g., the Accessibility Co-Chair positions) and of the tenure for the co-chair position.  After discussion, Jim Rimmer made the motion, “…that for the period 2010 to 2012, we have a policy co-chair to coincide with the tenure of the current policy chair.” Dot seconded the motion. There was no further discussion, and Councilors voted unanimously to pass the motion. Next steps identified were:

1)     Dot will confirm Barbara Kornblau’s Disability Section membership.  

2)     Stephen will email a formal invitation to Barbara to serve as Policy Co-Chair on the APHA Disability Section Executive Council.

3)     Vince will meet with Barbara to delineate and define roles and responsibilities of the Policy Co-Chairs and communicate those to Stephen.

4)     Jim will document the appointment within the elections slate, noting that the tenure of the co-chair positions will coincide. In time for the election of the next policy councilor position(s), the Council will re-evaluate the necessity of a co-chair arrangement.

5)     Meg and Roberta will update relevant Council documents and communications (e.g., Executive Council Contact list, website, letterhead, email distribution lists, agenda).


Workplan Update

Stephen reminded councilors to provide their updates to him so he can update the Disability Section’s Executive Council workplan for 2011 and send it to APHA.


Policy, Vince Campbell

The APHA calendar for policy development indicates that proposed policies will be posted in mid February. Vince will review these and distribute the policies with relevance to the work of the Disability Section.  Feedback is due to APHA by 3/18/2011, and final versions of the policy proposals will be on the APHA website on 3/25/2011.


Program, Kiyoshi Yamaki

Kiyoshi reminded Councilors that the 2011 APHA Disability Section Call for Abstracts was opened 12/7/2010 and that the submission due date is 2/8/2011. According to Donna Wright, a week extension is already built into the abstract submission deadline.  Roberta volunteered to distribute an announcement about the Call for Abstracts again. Kiyoshi will develop and forward Roberta language for the announcement.


Kiyoshi is planning a Joint Session with the Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section, and he is discussing a second possible Joint Session with the Chiropractic Health Care Section program chair. Kiyoshi also mentioned that APHA is willing to host a session for the Student Assembly.


Steve Kaye is considering themes forwarded as suggestions for proposed panels (e.g., separate ideas forwarded by George Jesien, Mike Marge, and Beth Rasch)—as possibilities for the Chair’s Forum.  Kiyoshi mentioned that we can organize the Chair’s Forum as a special symposium as part of a business meeting.


Jim asked Kiyoshi how to submit symposia. To his knowledge, Kiyoshi responded that   there is not a specific mechanism for symposia submissions. It is the program chair’s responsibility to organize accepted presentations into panels or symposia. Kiyoshi expressed concern that acceptance of a group of papers for a special symposium would reduce the number of other scientific papers that can be considered for presentation.


Communications, Roberta Carlin

Roberta described how she developed a new format for the Disability Section newsletter, forwarded it to Councilors for input via email on 12/3/2011 (see addendum), and integrated feedback provided by four Councilors. Roberta will need brief updates for the upcoming newsletter by 1/21/2011 from the Council Chairs and from the Section Chair.


Roberta also mentioned that the Disability and Health Journal (DHJO) has been accepted by Thomson Reuters (six different sections); DHJO will have an impact factor in 2011.


Elections, Jim Rimmer

Jim provided an overview of the upcoming openings on the Executive Council. Jim asked Councilors to email him names of possible candidates and to encourage promising members and colleagues to contact him. He will be for the following positions:

·         Program Chair-Elect (1 year) position

·         Secretary (2 year) position – Meg indicated that she would  re-run.

·         Awards Chair

·         Accessibility Co-Chair—Jim will talk to Catherine about running again.

·         Governing Council Representative—Jim has found someone agreeing to run.


Awards, Jennifer Rowland

The call for APHA Disability Section Awards nominations will open in January, 2011. The Awards are the Life Time Achievement, the Allan Meyers, the New Investigator, the Student, and the Advocacy Awards. Jennifer is recruiting a new member to the Awards Committee.


Accessibility, Catherine Graham and Tony Cahill

Fran Atkinson and Georges Benjamin communicated to the Disability Section that the contractor did not meet specifications when installing the Section Pavilion in the Exhibit Hall at the 2011 Annual APHA meetings in Denver. Dr. Benjamin would like to meet with Stephen, Steve Barnett and Catherine to discuss ways to improve APHA’s accessibility in the future.  Jim mentioned that Dr. Benjamin personally communicated at the APHA Annual Meetings how disappointed he was about the accessibility of the Pavilion and expressed his intention to follow up with the Disability Section about the issues. Catherine wanted clarification on what standards or specifications the contractor failed to fulfill, but no one had this information.


Meg suggested consulting Sandra Block, our liaison to the Intersectional Council, about how to proceed with APHA leadership on these issues. Jim mentioned that Dr. Block was a good advocate for the Disability Section. Stephen will contact Dr. Block.


Steve Barnett and Catherine discussed the accessibility of the APHA Annual meetings for attendees who were Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing. There were no outstanding issues to discuss. Catherine and Steve will have a follow up conversation to review Steve’s post-meeting evaluation. Catherine will provide an update at the next meeting.


Student Liaison, Vijay Vasudevan

Vijay reported that there had not been a Student Committee meeting to date. Roberta asked him to send an update for the newsletter. Vijay will contact Anjali about transitioning information and resources- e.g., a listserv for APHA Student Liaisons. Also, Vijay will email his contact information to Stephen for APHA communications.


Membership, Dot Nary

Dot reported that the Disability Section has 261 primary members and that she will receive a complete report from APHA later this month. Dot also is exploring whether we have the resources to revise the Disability Section brochures. We are down to the final stock. We will explore whether  there a budget to do this.


Kiyoshi noted that the number of reviewers for abstracts was much lower than the membership numbers for the Disability Section. He would like to have four to five reviewers per abstract and wondered if he could have contact information from the membership lists of potential reviewers. Dot said she could do this.


Other: Catherine observed that APHA had included a photo of an individual using a walker among the images of different people in the 2011 Annual Meeting promotional materials. She noted that this was something to promote within the organization.



Stephen Gilson closed the meeting at 1:00 p.m. (EST). The next Disability Section Council meeting will be held February 3, 2011 at 12:00 p.m. (EST). Minutes submitted by Secretary Meg Traci.