February 2011 Minutes

American Public Health Association

Disability Section Minutes

Monthly Meeting

Conference Call


February 3, 2011


Council members present: Vince Campbell (Policy Chair), Anthony Cahill (Accessibility Co-Chair), Roberta S. Carlin (Communications Chair), Stephen French Gilson (Chair), Catherine Leigh Graham (Accessibility Co-Chair), H. Stephen Kaye (Chair Elect), Suzanne McDermott (Governing Council Representative), Dot Nary (Membership Chair),  Jana Peterson (Student Liaison Faculty Supervisor), James H. Rimmer (Past Chair/Elections Chair), Jennifer Rowland (Awards Chair), Meg Ann Traci (Secretary).Vijay Vasudevan (Student Liaison) and Kiyoshi Yamaki (Program Chair).

Council members not present: Willi Horner-Johnson (Treasurer) and Gloria Krahn (Governing Council Representative).


Opening:  Stephen Gilson opened the conference call meeting at 12:00 p.m. (EST) prompting roll call.


Minutes: Minutes for the following meetings of the APHA Disability Section’s Executive Council were reviewed and approved:

1)     November 4, 2010: Approved as written (First: Catherine Graham; Second: Jim Rimmer).

2)     November 7, 2010: Approved as corrected (First: Vince Campbell; Second: Dot Nary).

3)     December 2, 2010: Approved as corrected (First: Suzanne McDermott; Second: Roberta Carlin).


Stephen reminded Councilors to provide him with their updates for the Disability Section Workplan.


Policy, Vince Campbell and Barbara Kornblau

Vince and Barbara encouraged councilors to review APHA policy proposals at:


They will review the policies and prepare a summary for the next Disability Section Executive Council meeting recommending APHA policies proposals that the Section may want to endorse. The deadline for submitting policy proposals changed, they will be posted quickly. We have until May 20th to comment on policy proposals.


As they begin to work together as Policy Co-Chairs, Vince and Barbara are working on coordinating their positions’ roles and responsibilities. Barbara mentioned that she and Vince had been exploring whether the Disability Section should join CCD http://www.c-c-d.org/. The cost of membership is more than $475. Disability Section members are incorrectly assuming that the letters Barbara has been forwarding for sign on are being developed by the APHA policy leadership. Membership within CCD might help clarify the origination and process by which members are receiving CCD policy documents for consideration. Vince asked for Councilors input on the Disability Section joining CCD. Roberta emphasized the cost of joining may be prohibitive and that the CCD requires in-person representation at some meetings, which may involve additional costs to the Section. Roberta mentioned that AAHD is a member of CCD and serves on six taskforce committees. Barbara mentioned that she attends CCD meeting by phone although she does not have an organization affiliation. Kiyoshi asked for background on CCD. Barbara answered that CCD is a coalition of national disability groups—some organizations are self advocacy groups, some represent specific impairment groups, and some members are provider groups (e.g., OT, PT). Working together through the CCD, the members have made big policy impacts. Stephen outlined two questions to answer before considering the possibility of joining CCD: 1) Is it allowable within APHA for a Section to join another organization? Stephen will call Fran Atkinson to clarify; and 2) If it is allowable, do we have spending authority to use our budget to fund membership and related travel costs. Jim added that part of our challenge as a Section is to maintain our membership and wondered whether CCD membership would afford opportunities to cultivate new members. Also, Jim noted that we might get more information about what policy opportunities could advance the Disability Section agenda—i.e., is this the best strategy to get disability indoctrinated into APHA and public health?


In the meantime, Barbara outlined current policy opportunities (e.g., Office of Minority Health’s Strategic Plan comment period; Healthy People 2020 and the representation of disability as a disparity group) that would prompt a decision for the Section to sign on to related letters originating at CCD. Barbara asked for the Section endorsement process.


Roberta and Suzanne emphasized that we need to be careful to represent our membership.


Meg wondered how the APHA Advocacy Leadership can be involved in decisions to endorse letters at the organization level, not just the Section level.


Accessibility, Catherine Graham and Tony Cahill

Fran is a coordinating a meeting in April between APHA leadership and Disability Section leadership on accessibility. Topics for the meeting include:

·         Possible consultation about making videos accessible (e.g., from NCPAD videographer provides consultation) to improve on-line videos and to support accessibility of exhibitors videos (e.g., the CDC was running video in the exhibit hall without captions during the 2010 APHA Annual Meetings)

·         Planning for Section Pavilion and presentation room accessibility in 2011

·         Reinforce improvement in interpreter services at the 2010 Annual Meetings 

·         Improve interpreter services at open meetings, such as the Disability Section’s Business Meeting

·         Improving contracting practices to improve accessibility of APHA programs and resources. Barbara suggested that there is standard contract language to be used with a penalty clause. Barbara will develop and forward some standard contractual language to present at the meeting in April.


Elections, Jim Rimmer

Jim has completed the slate of candidates. He needs to submit it to APHA by 2/14/2011.  He still has some open slots to accommodate additional nominees. Please contact Jim if you know someone who is interested. The APHA Bylaws state, “The voting membership of the Action Board shall consist of…one representative of each of the Sections who shall be chosen by the Executive Board from among a panel of three names submitted by each Section in any year when a term of their representative expires, each of whom serves a three-year term” (pp. 13-14, APHA Bylaws, http://www.apha.org/NR/rdonlyres/8103CD75-A7ED-4652-A8C1-A2A8A09036A5/0/BylawsAmendedNovember2010.pdf). There is not a limit on the number of years or the number of terms an individual can serve on the Action Board.


Communications, Roberta Carlin

Roberta has finalized the Winter Disability Section newsletter and will be submitting it to APHA. This is the first issue to be published with the new format. The hope is to have increased feedback from membership.


Roberta suggested Councilors review new changes to the APHA Disability Section website, e.g. updated leadership information; posted information provided by Councilors. Importantly, there is a new section—“Meet the Members”-- that Dot developed to highlight what being a member has meant to six individuals professionally. APHA still needs to post the photos. http://www.humanitiesmontana.org/assets/PDF/HM_GrantInkindContributionsFormFY10.pdf


Membership, Dot Nary

Dot reminded Councilors that we need 250 members to maintain Section status. Currently we have 318 members. The membership report showed 187 lapsed members; Dot will review this list and contact those whom she knows to encourage them to re-join. To summarize, she said that membership is in good shape, and that there is more to do.


Dot will send Roberta the membership list so she can update the Section’s distribution lists.


Student Liaison, Vijay Vasudevan

Vijay held a student committee meeting two weeks ago. Eight student members attended—two members for each role: 1) strategic planning; 2) student membership and orientation; 3) policy; and 4) communications. Vijay hopes to hold the next call in two weeks. Jim asked how many are student members? Vijay did not know. Dot will review the quarterly membership reports for this information. 


Vijay asked for assistance with connecting students to Councilors and committees. Stephen will help with an email introduction.


Meg asked about the status of the student members ‘Email blast’, a regular communication initiated by Anjali and Jana last year to provide relevant information to student members. Vijay said they are developing ideas for improving communication among students and within the Section. They are considering continuing the Email blasts and creating a Facebook page that will link students and faculty members.


Roberta prompted us to look for funding to support Disability and Health Journal subscriptions for students. Jim added that a role for senior Section members is to build the culture of disability and health by ensuring every student member understands key concepts—e.g., the role of the environment in disability and the difference between accessibility and inclusivity.


Awards, Jennifer Rowland

Jennifer reported that the APHA Disability Section Call for Awards Nominations is open. Please promote this opportunity through your listservs. The deadline for nomination submissions is 4/8/2011. Jim asked if the Call for Awards Nominations was on the Disability Section website. Roberta will ensure the information is posted.


Treasurer, Willi Horner-Johnson

[Report emailed by Willi Horner-Johnson, 2/2/2011 at 7:45 P.M.]


All of our convention-related expenses have hit now.  We did not have any interpreter charges this year and we used quite a bit less than budgeted in some other areas (e.g. travel for invited speakers).  We currently have $3061 left in our CDC account to spend before May 30.  We also have $1338 left in our operating account, to spend before June 30. 


If we need more t-shirts, we could purchase them with our operating funds (auditors raised questions about that expense on our CDC account previously).  Expenses we've discussed for the CDC funds include new brochures and DHJO subscriptions for scholarship recipients.  We can easily afford both of those.  Is there anything else we need to purchase?  Also, if anyone still needs reimbursement for any Section-related printing, shipping, etc. costs, go ahead and send those receipts to me.


Jim reported that there are enough t-shirts in our stock to promote the Disability Section at the 2011 APHA Annual Meetings in Washington, D.C.  Dot will communicate with Willi about paying for new brochures. Jim prompted Dot to communicate with George about the competition and award process for five student scholarships. Dot will do so and report on the 2011 process to the Disability Section Executive Council.


Program, Kiyoshi Yamaki

The deadline for Disability Section abstracts is Tuesday, February 8, 2011. There were not many submissions to date. There will be no deadline extension. Barbara asked whether the APHA server had ever ‘crashed’ before. Kiyoshi will ask the APHA contact person. Meg and Barbara noted that there has been a tradition of extended deadlines that some members may expect, and so submission rates may drop at least this year with  the new practice. Kiyoshi and Roberta have done their best to communicate the 2011 deadline with information that there will not be an extension.



Jim closed the meeting at 11:03 p.m. (EST). The next Disability Section Council meeting will be March 3, 2011 at 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M. EST.

Minutes submitted by Secretary Meg Traci.