Policy Committee



The Policy Committee is responsible for monitoring, initiating, and responding to policy initiatives of the APHA. The APHA has a Joint Policy Council and a staffed Policy Office to consider policy proposals from APHA members. The policy process includes both the initiation of new policies as well as the review of existing policies to identify current policy gaps.


Each year in January the staff and the Joint Policy Committee and Action Board of APHA recommends subject areas to be considered for archiving and policy gaps which exist. The Disability Policy Committee can participate in reviewing any policy chosen for review. The Action Board examines the policies that are proposed and those that are recommended for archiving to the JPC. By mid-February proposed new resolutions and position papers are sent to the APHA and at the end of the month the JPC considers the list of policies and puts together Policy Review Groups for each subject area. By the end of February proposed new policy statements are posted on the APHA website.  The period for membership consideration of proposed policies goes from March through June. In mid July the preliminary consent calendar and the collated recommendations for archiving are posted on the APHA website, members only section, and an email alert is sent out to all members. 


APHA works with key decision- makers to shape public policy to address today's ongoing public health concerns such as ensuring access to care, protecting funding for core public health programs and services and eliminating health disparities.




Committee Chair (2009-2012) – Vincent Campbell. Contact at: vbc6@cdc.gov or call (404) 498-3012.


Advocacy/ Current Issues


In 2009, the most pressing policy considered was by the JPC of substantial importance to the Disability Section was the policy on end-of-life issues and the prospect of a policy on physician assisted suicide.


Section Policies & Resolutions


Under the leadership of Charles Drum in 2004 the Disability SPIG introduced a policy that was ultimately passed by the APHA Governing Council. The policy is #2004-02 Reducing Health Disparities in People with Disabilities through Improved Environmental Programmatic and Service Access.


You can read this policy and many others related to disability on the APHA website.  All you need to do is sign on using your membership number and then go to the drop-down screen for advocacy. Under this header you can search for policies by category. You are urged to look at these to see what needs to be updated and what need to be added. Under the keyword “disability” the following policies came up:


200025 Eliminating Access Barriers in Public Health Meetings.

200021 International Trade Policy Issues of Improving Access to Drugs for Life-Threatening   and Disabling Diseases.

9802 Managed Care and People with Physical/Mental Disabilities.

9505 Support for the Disabilities Prevention Activities.

9307 People with Disabilities in National Health Care Reform.

9209 Improving Statistical Data Collection for National Disability Surveillance, Prevention, and Policy Formulation.

8811 Discrimination Against the Disabled in the Health Care Field.