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Section Activities/Benefits

The Disability Section has various committees to ensure our work is accomplished collaboratively with section members. Below are summaries of the specific committees and their activities, as well as contact information for each of the committees.

We strongly encourage participation from Disability Section members to join committees and be an active member of the Disability Section. Please contact the current committee chair for the committee you are interested in joining.


Disability Section Student Webinar Series

The purpose of the student webinar series is to promote learning, provide an opportunity for students to share their research, and network with leaders in the field. All webinars will be live captioned. Recordings and transcripts are available for every webinar.

 Year 2

Healthcare Issues for Individuals with Disabilities

Disability and Sexuality

 Year 1

Social Determinants of Health Promotion for Persons with Disabilities

Quality of Life for Persons with Intellectual Disability

Barriers to Health Promotion for Persons with Disabilities

Health Promotion for Individuals with Disabilities


Disability Section Award Winners


Disability Section Award recipients join a distinguished group of achievers who have made significant contributions to the disability field and to improvements in the lives of people with disabilities nationally and internationally.



    Lifetime Achievement - George Jesien

    New Investigator - Simon Driver
    Advocacy - ADAPT

    Student - Vijay Vasudevan and Kerri Vanderbom



    Lifetime Achievement - Gloria Krahn

    New Investigator - Jennifer L. Rowland
    Advocacy - Dennis G. Heaphy



    Lifetime Achievement - Rune Simeonsson

    Allan Meyers - Elena Andresen

    Advocacy - Eleanor Smith

    Student - Scott Robertson



    Lifetime Achievement - Rene Jahiel

    New Investigator - Stephen Gulley

    Student - Sue Feldman



    Lifetime Achievement - Barbara Altman

    New Investigator - Willi Horner-Johnson

    Student - Cheri Blauwet