Communications Committee



The purpose of the APHA Disability Section Communications Committee is to keep the members of the Disability Section informed in a timely manner of the activities particular to the Section.  The Communications Committee utilizes different methods to keep the members current. 


Disability Listserve


The Disability Listserve is an interactive listserve that all members of the Disability Section can utilize to post messages.   The URL for the listserve is  Members may post their messages and all members of the Disability Section will receive the message through their email address.  The listserve is a great way  for members to communicate and collaborate with each other on topics of interest to the Section.  The listserve serves to disseminate current information on scientific and programmatic research and resources that may enhance the work of Disability Section members. 

The Disability Listserve may also be used to distribute announcements and alerts to Disability Section members.


Disability Section Newsletter


Another tool utilized to communicate with members is the Disability Section newsletter, which is distributed 3 times per year.  The newsletter reaches all Disability Section members and brings updates on from the individual members of the Executive Committee and their respective committees.  Disability Section members are invited to submit articles or news to the Newsletter Editor, Roberta Carlin, at  The newsletters are archived on the Disability Section website under the Communications link.


Monthly Executive Committee Members


Each Thursday of the month, the Disability Section Executive Committee holds their monthly meeting.  At these meetings, the Chairs of the individual committees report to the Executive Committee members on their respective activities.  Minutes of the monthly meetings are also archived on the Disability Section website on the Communications Page.


Chair:  Roberta Carlin, MS, JD  Executive Director, American Association on Health and Disability, or call (301) 545-6140, ext. 206.


Disability and Health Journal


In January 2008, the American Association on Health and Disability (AAHD) launched the first peer-reviewed scientific, scholarly and multi-disciplinary journal, entitled the Disability and Health Journal (DHJ).


Some of the areas the DHJ focuses on are:


·         Health promotion and wellness initiatives for people with disabilities

·         Evaluative research on new interventions, technologies and programs

·         Reports of empirical research on the characteristics of persons with disabilities, environments, health outcomes and determinants of health

·         Existing and emerging models of healthcare


To learn more about the DHJ submissions, journal subscriptions, Editorial Board and general information, please visit


The Disability Section of APHA was a tremendous champion and support to AAHD, as the DHJ was created and implemented.


Members of APHA receive a 20% discount on their subscription to the Disability and Health Journal.  Please visit to join AAHD and receive the journal.  In the comment section of the application, please indicate you are a APHA member and you will automatically receive the 20% discount.