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Section Activities/Benefits

New Member Welcome Packet
We welcome new Members to the CHW Section! Download a welcome packet describing the Section and our activities (PDF).

This section includes

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Please respond to APHA Action Alerts and take action by contacting your members of Congress. APHA has a new system in place that has made it easier than ever for APHA members to quickly contact their members of Congress. Many of these e-mails will come from the e-mail address and will include monthly legislative updates that list the call-in information for monthly legislative update calls. You can navigate to APHA Advocacy and Policy through or go to this link to directly connect to Action Alerts - We also urge you to get involved or continue your involvement in the APHA Public Health ACTion (PHACT) Campaign, which jumps into high gear during each August Congressional recess, but this year also continues through the fall. For more information and to get involved with PHACT and to access the APHA Health Reform Advocacy Toolkit please follow this link -




The CHW SPIG achieved SECTION status!!  This application was submitted in August 2009 and approved by the Inter-Sectional Council, Executive Board and Governing Council. Now that we have become a SECTION, we will have designated representation on the Governing Council, and provide the opportunity for CHWs and our allies and partners to run for the unaffiliated at-large seats in addition.


APHA’S Governing Council voted and approved proposed policy, A-1, Support for Community Health Workers to Increase Health Access and to Reduce Health Inequities” at APHA’s 137th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. Read the full policy.


Support for Community Health Workers to Increase Health Access and to Reduce Health Inequities

Policy Date: 11/10/2009

Policy Number: 20091

20091 Community health workers — Follow-up to 2001 APHA policy recognizing and supporting community health workers’ role in meeting health care needs. Recognizes a community health worker definition, identifies challenges to community health worker work force development, calls for raising awareness of community health workers, supports strong continuing education and capacity building and calls for reimbursement for community health worker services.



Aaron Shakow, who works with the Prevention and Access to Care and Treatment (PACT) Project in Dorchester, MA and Rebecca Pollard, of Phillip Johnston Associates (legislative affairs consultants) generously offered to work with us to discuss and achieve a national strategy for CHW-focused congressional outreach.  It was approximately a seven (7) day around-the-clock project and the Provisions in the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” related to Community Health Workers was complete. In this document we identified sections of the latest House and Senate bills that we believe will strengthen this effort and ought to be maintained as the chambers negotiate a final bill. We also outlined some provisions in the bill in which we recommend adding language that will specifically allow Community Health Workers to play a greater role in improving health outcomes and lessening health inequities. The document is available for you to review (MS Word). Thanks to all that were able to participate in the development of, and support for, by signing this important document.


State CHW policy initiatives move forward

The Florida CHW Coalition has made progress, with a bill pending in the legislature to mandate a study of sustainable CHW funding options. The Coalition plans its second statewide meeting June 14-15.  Contact Susan Fleming at


The Utah Department of Health has begun a review of the national policy environment around CHWs and will be sending a survey to other states shortly.


The Delaware General Assembly has scheduled hearings on CHWs and Medicaid for Feb. 22.


HRSA and CDC are sponsoring technical assistance this spring for stakeholders in Mississippi and New Mexico interested in pursuing credentialing for CHWs.






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