CHW Association and Network Corner:

CHWs Are Organizing

Across the country, at all levels (statewide, locally and nationally), CHWs are organizing professional associations or networks. CHW associations advocate for CHWs and the communities they serve. They give CHWs a means of gaining additional skills, accessing support and recognition, and sharing resources and strategies with peers. This regular newsletter feature highlights the ongoing organizing efforts of CHWs across the country. We urge CHWs to contact their local networks and get involved! If there is no network in your area, think about starting one. Contact the network nearest you for information and strategies about organizing. We recognize the enormous energy and commitment of CHWs as they organize. We also know that this is only a partial list of CHW associations. If you know of others, please let us know! Contact Molly Martin at or 312-942-2540.




American Association of Community Health Workers
Durrell Fox, Co-Chair,


APHA CHW Section 
Wandy Hernandez,

Tel:.(312) 878-7018


National Association of Community Health Representatives; Ramona Dillard, CHR/CHWD,,

Pueblo of Laguna, Laguna, NM; (505) 552-6652  


Community Health Representatives (CHR) Area Associations 

Oklahoma Area Association of Community Health Representatives (OAACHR)

c/o Cyndi Gilks, President, Muscogee (Creek) Nation CHR Program

Phone: (918) 623-1925  



New Mexico/Southern Colorado CHR Association (NMSCCHRA)

Alk'inibaa' Mermejo, President   

Phone: (505) 660-8627 or (505) 455-4115 


Aberdeen Area Community Health Representatives Association (AACHRA)

John Eagle Shield, President; (701) 854-3856;




Arizona Community Health Outreach Workers Network
Kathleen Gilligan, Coordinator,, (520) 705-8861



Community Health Worker/Promotoras Network
Maria Lemus, Executive Director, (510) 232-7869, or


—The Community Health Workers of Tampa Bay
Michelle Dublin, Chair, (727) 588-4018,


Florida Community Health Worker Coalition
A statewide partnership dedicated to the support and promotion of the CHW profession in Florida;

Susan Fleming at



Georgia Community Health Advisor Network
Gail McCray, (404) 752-1645, 


Chicago CHW Local Network
Leticia Boughton, at HealthConnect One, (312) 243-4772



Indiana Community Health Worker Coalition

JoBeth McCarthy-Jean, MPH,
Tel:  317-370-8757



Louisiana Community Health Outreach Network (LACHON); Email:  or call Ashley Wennerstrom at (504) 988-4007 or Kristina Gibson at 504-523-6221, ext. 172.   

They are also on Facebook, and their Twitter account is @LACHON1. 


Community Outreach Workers Association of Maryland, Inc
Carol Payne (410) 664-6949,


Massachusetts Association of Community Health Workers
Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox, Executive Director, (508) 756-6676, ext. 23,  



Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA)

Katherine Mitchell, MSW
Project Coordinator
Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance (MiCHWA)
1080 South University Avenue, SSW 3759
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106
Office: 734-615-7972, Cell: 248-345-9930, 

Michigan Community Health Worker Network

Co-leaders: Marta Lugo Rodriguez ( and Yessenia Rodriguez (

The CHW Network is a CHW-led MiCHWA working group focused on supporting the profession and promoting CHW leadership.


Minnesota CHW Peer Network
Anita Buel, Chair, (612) 2933502,  
Sophia London, Co-Chair,


MN CHW Peer Network brings Twin Cities CHWs together for learning and continuing education approximately 4-6 times per year.  The co-chairs of the Peer Network serve as conveners for the trainings and help the group identify topics for continuing ed.  They are busy CHWs who provide leadership to the network on a volunteer basis. 


The Minnesota CHW Alliance is a broad-based partnership of CHWs and stakeholder groups who meet monthly and work together to advance the CHW role in the state.  The curriculum, scope of practice, workforce development efforts, payment legislation and Day at the Capitol have come out of this group and its predecessor, the MN CHW Policy Council.  Contact Joan Cleary, part-time interim director;  


The New Jersey CHW Institute supports the development of CHW groups
Carol Wolff, (856) 963-2432, ext. 202;


New Mexico Community Health Workers Association;

Bette Jo Ciesielski, (505) 255-1227,


Community Health Worker Network of New York State 


New York City: Community Health Worker Network of NYC 
Sergio Matos, Executive Director, (212) 481-7667,
Romy Rodriguez, Chair,


Community Health Workers Association of Rochester:

Glenda Blanco, Chair, (585) 922-3507,


Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo

Director:  Jessica Bauer Walker

104 Maryland Street

Buffalo, NY  14201



Ohio Community Health Worker Association
Jewel Bell, President, (513)464-8404,


Oregon Community Health Workers Association
Lizzie Fussell
Coordinator, Oregon Community Health Worker Association
Oregon Latino Health Coalition
T: 971-295-3124



Community Health Worker Association of Rhode Island

Beth Lamarre, Coordinator, (401) 270-0101, ext 149;


Northern Texas Community Health Worker Resource Coalition

Claudia Busto, (806)765-2611, ext 1024.  

South Texas Promotora Association
Merida Escobar, President/CEO, (956) 383-5393,

Texas Gulf Coast CHW/Promotores Association (TGCCPA)
1302 Waugh Drive #689
Houston, TX 77019
Denise LaRue, MPH, CHW Instructor- Secretary Donaji Stelzig, MPH, CHES, CHW/CHW Instructor- President Chair



Wisconsin CHW Alliance
Venoncia M. Baté-Ambrus
Director of Workforce Development & Diversity
Milwaukee AHEC
Tel: 847-922-2359
Lynette Weathers
CHW Project Specialist
Milwaukee AHEC
Tel: 414-344-0675 ext. 228 


Other National CHW Resources


National Día de la Mujer Latina Promotores Network; Venus Ginés, M.A. P/CHWI  

PH: (281)489-1111



CHW Online Training

Get a 50% discount on training when you register using code APHACHW!

  • Navigating Health Insurance ( - An upcoming online seminar targeted to CHWs that need to learn the basics about insurance so they can help individuals enroll in a plan and interact with insurance providers.
  • Community Health Worker Core Skills ( – A 6-week online seminar that covers core competencies for CHWs, including organizational skills, documentation skills, health disparities, assessment skills and service coordination.
  • Navigating Travel Health Insurance Toolkit ( - A free toolkit including worksheets, checklists and resources that CHWs can use to help people find health coverage when traveling.

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