CHPPD Vision Award for Excellence in Health Planning: Background Information

The Vision Award for Excellence in Health Planning, established in 2008, recognizes an individual who has demonstrated excellence, creativity, and/or innovation in health planning practice that constitutes a significant contribution to health planning which goes beyond the expectations of routine job performance and is evidenced by accomplishments. This award will be presented by the Community Health Planning and Policy Development (CHPPD) Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA) at its CHPPD Section Social Hour at the annual meeting.

From 1994 to 2007, the Section institute the James R. Kimmey Award for Excellence in Health Planning.  Previous Awardees were:

2005    Cheryl Utter, BSN, MS, MBA

2000     Bertram S. Yaffe

1998     Bernard J. Turnock, MD, MPH

1997   Stanton A. Glantz, PhD

1996    Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and

             Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency, Rochester, NY

1995   Congressman Fortney “Pete” Stark

1994   James R. Kimmey, MD


From 1974 to1989, the American Association of Comprehensive Health Planning (AACHP), joined with the American Public Health Association (APHA) in establishing the Richard H. Schlesinger Achievement Award in Community Health Planning. Richard Schlesinger was the Director of Areawide and Local Planning for Health Actions, the author of Health Is A Community Affair, and one of the founders of the community health planning movement in the United States.


At his untimely death, the Schlesinger family established the award to recognize excellence in community health planning. The first award recipient was Walter Wenkert, Executive Director of the CHP(b) agency in Rochester, New York. The last Schlesinger Award was issued in 1989.


Richard H. Schlesinger Acheivement Award in Community Health Planning Recipients were:


1974: Walter Wenkert, Exec. Director,Genesee Region Health Planning Council, Rochester, NY 

1975: Brian Biles, Philip Caper, Lee Hyde, Spencer Johnson: U.S. Congressional staff presented a group award recognizing their contribution to P.L. 93-641.

1976: Wood McCue, Exec. Director, Health Systems Agency of South Florida, Miami

1977: W. David Helms, Executive Director, Alpha Center for Health Planning

1978: James R. Kimmey, Director, Midwest Center for Health Planning

:Jacob Getson, Director, Massachusetts Office of State Health Planning

1980:  Milton Gan, Exec. Director, Central Arizona Health Systems Agency, Phoenix

1981: Jack V. Boyd, Executive Director, Oklahoma Health Planning Commission

1982:  Anthony T. Mott, Exec. Director, Finger Lakes HSA, Rochester, NY

1983: Anthony L. Watson, Exec. Director, Health Systems Agency of New York City

1984: Joanne Baxter Bluestone, Associate Commissioner for Medical Payments, Massachusetts Department of Public Welfare

1985: Henrik L. Blum, Professor of Health Planning, School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley

1986: James F. Sandmann, President, Health Planning and Development Council of the Central Ohio River Valley Agency (Joint Award with Agency)

1987: David S. Abernethy, Deputy Commissioner for Planning, Policy and Resource Development, New York Department of Health

1988: Charles Donahue, Executive Director, Boston Health Systems Agency

1989: James R. Tallon, Jr., New York Assembly Majority Leader