Student Involvement

The CHPPD Student Committee is a standing committee of the Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section, whose purpose is to represent the voice and experience of student members to CHPPD Section leadership, to represent the CHPPD Section to the Student Assembly, and to serve as a mechanism for involving student members in CHPPD committees and student leadership roles.


What We Do

Our committee meets 4-5 times annually via teleconference, and communicates mostly via email. Although our role is constantly evolving with member input, so far our main projects and functions have been to:

·        Reach out to and maintain contact with new and current student members of CHPPD;

·        Promote available CHPPD leadership opportunities and committee involvement to students and solicit interest; 

·        Advertise CHPPD abstract submission awards, social events, and other Section opportunities;

·        Contribute to the regular Student Perspective article in the CHPPD quarterly newsletter;

·        Recruit the help of students based near Annual Meeting sites to help with local support and logistics;

·        Work in close collaboration with the Chairs of the Membership, Program, and Local Arrangements Committees of CHPPD; and

·        Contribute to any CHPPD activities involving students, such as: student awards, travel scholarships to annual meeting, mentorship programs, social events, and member recruitment.


How to Get More Involved

If you haven’t already joined the CHPPD Student Committee, email the Student Committee Chair,  and ask to be informed of the next teleconference!

How to Join the CHPPD Student Community

If you are a student member of APHA, and affiliated with the CHPPD Section, then you should be on the email list the Student Committee uses to stay in touch with its student community. If you have not received an email from the Student Committee, please contact the Student CommitteeChair, and ask to be put on the list!  We won’t inundate your inbox with emails, but will be in touch only to let you know of upcoming opportunities, deadlines, and events important to students in our Section.

Look Inside APHA (pdf) for a student perspective of the section.  This document was developed by students of the CHPPD Section, and for students of the CHPPD Section. It’s a user-friendly look into APHA, CHPPD, and the Student Assembly – only what you really need to know to get acquainted with what each has to offer you, and how to get more involved.



Student Awards

Every year, the CHPPD section recognized the best abstract submitted to the Annual Meeting by a PhD and MPH student based on scores provided by blind reviewers at the Annual Meeting