CHPPD Section Committee and Team Reports for March 18, 2009 Conference Call

Membership Issues
- Draft brochure drafted (attached at the end of the wiki home page)
- Annual Meeting (1) Restaurants researched - Imperial Inn recommended (Walter, Amy L, Aneesah, Amy C. Priti); (2) CHPPD History Project Team talked to Dr. Kimmey (Aneesah, Lori, Tom Piper, Priti);
- Chris Ringewald is new web editor, and is developing usability questions for website (with Priti)
- Sami Jarrah is new newsletter editor (with Elizabeth Schiffman)

Policy Issues
- Proposed Policy "Public Health's Critical Role in Health Reform" written by Tammy Pilisuk in collaboration with Medical Care Section's, Ellen Shaffer. Both, Medical Care and CHPPD sections are supporting this proposed policy.
- Email sent soliciting comments on proposed policies

Program Issues
- Currently 168 CHPDD section members are voluntarily reviewing 348 abstract submissions across 26 themes for the 137th APHA Annual Meeting (November 7-11, 2009). Each abstract will be rated by three different reviewers before being accepted or rejected for presentation. With just over ten working days remaining for the review process, 31% of reviews have been completed.
Good luck to all members who submitted an abstract and an extremely heartfelt thank you to all the abstract reviewers. We wouldn’t have a program without you! (from Danielle and Ijeoma)

- "Marking Milestones for the Future of Community Health Planning and Policy Development" Session organized for Annual Meeting
- "Role of Community in Health Reform" webinar attended by about 30 participants...resulted in input into paper.
- "Measuring Value of Community Prevention" webinar set for Wednesday, April 1, 3:00 - 4:00 pm EST. Registration requested by March 25, 2009
- In the process of developing abstract for (Charley Magruder, Azzie Young and Priti) presentation for collaborative session organized by HIIT.
- About 30 participants at Feb 11 webinar. Members who participated in planning the webinar are; Tammy P, Bob Griss, John Steen, Apryl Brown, Priti, Helena Vonville, Ann Umemoto.
- April 1 webinar being coordinated by Prevention Institute staff, and June 3 by Helda Pinzon-Perez, John Capitman (unaffiliated) and Priti.

Student Issues

  • CHPPD Student Committee Conference call rescheduled for March 18 evening
  • CHPPD Student Committee Chair Elect: Russell McIntire, MPH, Indiana University
Section Governance Issues
- 2 nominations for 2 section council vacancies and 8 nominations for 6 governing councilor vacancies
- 2 nomination for APHA leadership positions. Background on CHPPD Involvement in APHA Committees illustrated in table below.

Committees Term
Member (term ends)
Action Board 3 Sue Myers (2009)
AJPH 3 None
Awards 2 Walter Tsou (2010)
Committee on Affiliates 2 Lynn Abramson-chair (2010)
Committee on Byelaws 3 None
Committee on Membership 1 None
Committee on Womens Rights 3 None
Education Board 3 Jack Lanier (2009); Apryl Brown (2011)
EHOC 3 Ann Umemoto (2011); Alvaro Garza? (2011)
IHRC 3 None
ISC Steering Committee 2 Tom Piper (2010)
Martha May Elliott 3 None
Program Planning 1 None
Publication Board 3 None
Science Board 3 Gee Gilbert (2011)
The Nations Health 2 None

- No nominations for Blum and Vision awards, and deadline extended to May 1
- Budget will be discussed in detail by treasurer at the March 18 conference call
CHPPD 2009 Workplan has to be submitted to APHA inMarch

Strategic Team Update
Lessons learned
1. Focus on issues, and identify project within the issues e.g. scientific session, paper, organizing session, webinar
2. At least one person should be committed to the issue and identify potential projects
3. Identify and invite members to participate in projects that are issue specific
4. Organizing session, webinars, presenting are less intensive than writing papers
5. Don't get "hung up" on members who committed to working within issues
6. When members commit to project within issues, it is seen as a committment
7. Challenge is to enable members to take an initiative/make a committment

Other Communication and Updates:
- Request to participate in Oral Health Collaborative Session on "Medical Home" by April 1, 2009: Dr. Deinard, a pediatrician in the Oral Health Section, is trying to organize an invited session for the 2009 meeting in Philadelphia on the topic of the Health Home (as distinguished from the Medical Home or the Dental Home). A Health Home, as defined by Dr. Deinarad would include medicine, dentistry, public health nursing, social work, epidemiology, optometry, chiropracty, gerontology, podiatry, community health, maternal and child health, food and nutrition, mental health, public health education, and others who have training to influence an individual's
health into one "silo". Any member interested? Committment is 5 minute presentation and participation in discussion.
- Stats and HA Section thanks CHPPD section for 100th Anniversary gifts (literature rack)
- CHPPD supports formation of Physical Activity SPIG and Breast-feeding forum
- Apryl Brown, MD will be giving an oral presentation on "Public Health Genetics Leading to Healthy Communities"at the 12th World Congress on Public Health sponsored by the World Federation of Public Health Associations to be held April 27 - May 1 in Istanbul, Turkey.