CHPPD Photo Journal Demonstration Project

The Community Health Planning and Policy Development (CHPPD) Section is happy to announce the photo journal project, and is seeking proposals to identify awarded projects.


What is the digital photo journal demonstration project?
Awardees will be expected to develop a photo journal of digital photos of five to 10 photographs with captions that illustrate the impact or historical context of health planning and policy development on communities. Awardees will be provided with the opportunity to present their photojournal projects in an invited session at the 2010 APHA Annual Meeting.  Please see the 2009 annual meeting section topics at for ideas. Interested applicants are encouraged to think beyond this list. 

  • Health care access
  • Community health strategies with the homeless
  • Green job/workforce development
  • Built communities e.g., revitalizing communities through green sustainable spaces
  • Healthy, green and quality of housing
  •  Economic  development e.g. micro entrepeneurship in disadvantaged areas.
  • Health disparities e.g. access to health-supporting resources in low-income or minority populations or areas such as health foods, physical activity opportunities etc

What is the purpose of the project
The photojournaling project will provide the CHPPD section members a better understanding of the impact of, and historical context for community health planning and policy development.

3-5 photo journals (created by applicants) and photojournal training guide (developed by project leaders/coordinators) 

Estimated award amount and number of awards:
Five cash awards.  Amount will be determined and posted by November 30, 2009.

Applicant Eligibility

  •  Must be a CHPPD Section member at the time of starting the project.
  • CHPPD regular and student member as well as section officer involvement is encouraged.
  • Team work is encouraged as long as the project lead is an active CHPPD member.  Project led may distribute cash award among team members as appropriate.


Date Activity
June 19, 2009 Submit proposal to or
July 31, 2009      Awardees will be  notified of selection
January 31, 2010 Awardees submit draft digital photojournal storyline and abstract in time for 2010 Annual Meeting abstract submission
May 31, 2010 Final photojournal submission data
November 2010         Presentation of final photojournal projects

Proposal Guidance and Format
We understand that developing a photojournal may sometimes be a team efforts.  Some members of the team may be awarded an honorarium, and that is acceptable.  Also, requests for expenses such as cameras (digital or disposable), healthy snack, if anticipated should be part of the proposal.


The proposal should answer five questions.

1. Should provide contact information on the cover page, and include:
Name of CHPPD Section Member(s);

Intent to present at 2010 APHA Annual Meeting (Likely/Yes or Unlikely/No):


2. What is the story the photojournal will tell?

3. What activities do you plan on doing between August 1 and May 31?  This should be consistent with resources requested.

4. What resources will you be using/need and by when? (e.g. cameras, honorariums)

5. What experience do you have with doing similar project? (e.g. telling story with photographs, working on the topic etc)


Support from CHPPD Section:
Training, assistance with trouble shooting, connecting with resources

Criteria for selecting awardees
1) Relevance of idea; 2) Experience of awardees; 3) Clarity of photo journal focus; (4) Intent to participate in APHA 2010 Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado. 


Questions/More Information

Contact Priti Irani,; or Amy Carroll-Scott,, or Veronica Uzoebo,