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Chiropractic Health Care 2013 Program - Another Successful Year!


See our photos from the 2013 APHA-CHC meeting!


The Annual Meeting APHA took place Nov. 2 - 6, 2013, in Boston. This meeting is the largest gathering of public health professionals in the world with attendance estimated to be over 12,500. The theme of the conference was “Think Global, Act Local: Best Practices Around the World.” The Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section is one of 29 major sections in APHA and celebrated its 18 year anniversary as an APHA section at the 2013 meeting.


The purpose of our annual CHC social is to recruit new APHA-CHC members, to get local DCs to attend the CHC scientific sessions and to encourage CHC members and local DCs to attend the CHC business meetings. After the first business meeting on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013, the Massachusetts Chiropractic Association (MCA) joined the CHC for a reception. This reception was well attended by CHC and MCA members. For more photos, please visit the CHC website.



Attendees at the 2013 CHC business meeting.


On Monday, the CHC Section presented 5 strong scientific sessions. Two of the sessions were joint sessions organized in collaboration with 2 other APHA sections. Three of the sessions included a wide range of contributed papers. All sessions were well attended by members of the CHC as well as other APHA sections.


The first joint session was: Population-based interdisciplinary approaches to osteoarthritis: from evidence to practice. A joint-organized session by Chiropractic Health Care and Aging and Public Health. Nationally recognized speakers Daniel White, PT, ScD, MSc and Alicia Zbehlik, MD, MPH began the set of presentations and described the epidemiology and community approaches to osteoarthritis. Dr. Donald Levy, MD who is the medical director of the Osher Clinical Center for Integrative Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, provided his view on integrative centers and accountable care organizations as approaches to osteoarthritis. Dr. Matthew Kowalski, DC discussed doctor-patient level approaches including primary, secondary and tertiary prevention measures to addressing OA. The session concluded with a panel discussion led by CHC member Dr. James Whedon, DC, MS on how to improve multidisciplinary collaboration to address osteoarthritis by working together, developing action steps, and providing suggestions for future collaboration. The CHC thanks these speakers and the team of people who organized the session: Claire Johnson, MSEd, DC, Lené Levy-Storms, PhD, MPH, Hongdao Meng, MPH, PhD, Yu Kang, PhD and Lori Byrd, MS.


The second joint session was: Preventing injuries from the ground up: A multi-disciplinary approach to fall prevention for older adults, translating research into policy and practice. A joint-organized session by Chiropractic Health Care and Injury Control and Emergency Health Services. The first speaker Dr. David Sugerman, MD, MPH, from the Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention, Centers for Disease Control discussed current CDC activities that map onto each step of the public health model and future directions for older adult fall prevention. Dr. Marian Hannan, DSc, MPH, from the Institute for Aging Research and Editor in Chief of Arthritis Care and Research, discussed her observations in research trends and provided examples of how research can influences practice to prevent falls in the elderly. Dr. Wenjun Li, PhD, from the Division of Preventive and Behavioral Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School, shared insights into his recent research, discussed the need for “personalized” falls prevention approaches, and strategies for communicating fall risks and risk factors to older adults, their families and caregivers. Dr. Patricia Dykes, DNSc, RN from the Department of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School discussed how the Fall TIPS (Tailoring Interventions for Patient Safety) toolkit was used to decrease the rate of patient falls in hospital settings. Dr. Lisa Killinger DC presented a view from the healthcare provide and the major components of fall prevention including: strength, flexibility, balance, and posture. The session concluded with a panel discussion led by CHC member Dr. Bart Green, DC that discussed the gaps in the scientific literature, what collaborative actions can be done, and how we can better work together to address fall prevention in older adults. The CHC thanks these speakers and the team of people who organized the session: Claire Johnson, MSEd, DC, Sara B. Newman, DrPH, MCP, Joyce Pressley, PhD, MPH and Lori Byrd, MS.






Interdisciplinary approaches to osteoarthritis

Pictured left to right: Drs. Daniel White, Alicia Zbehlik, James Whedon, Donald Levy, and Matthew Kowalski.


The 3 contributed CHC sessions provided a wide range of topics that were relevant to chiropractors, other health care providers, and the general public. These included: Advances in musculoskeletal health: A focus on practice, prevention, safety, and cost; Public health, education, and research in integrative and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM); and Prevention and public health in clinical practice. A total of 18 speakers from all over the country provided excellent presentations on their research.


During the conference the APHA public relations office selected one of our CHC member’s presentation for a press release: Dr. Harrison Ndetan; Relationship of acetaminophen and alcohol usage to renal dysfunction: An opportunity for health promotion/ education in chiropractic The press release was picked up quickly and posted on news websites nationally.


As with any scientific program, the program is only as good as the presenters and the peer reviewers. We thank the presenters for their excellent efforts and research throughout the year: Drs. Lisa Killinger, Harrison T. Ndetan, Shari Wynd, Jonathon Todd Egan, Eric L. Hurwitz, James Whedon, Darcy Vavrek, Bart Green, Karol A. Donaubauer, Michael Ramcharan, Martha Kaeser, Nicole Homb, Claire Johnson, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Raheleh Khorsan, and Tolu Oyelowo. For a list of all authors please visit the 2013 APHA-CHC website.


The CHC peer review committee for 2013 scientific sessions is to be commended for their excellent work. All reviewers reviewed all abstracts and provided guidance in determining the final selection for the program. The CHC 2013 peer review committee included: Drs. Jason Bartlett, Jerrilyn Cambron, Karol Donaubauer, Christine Goertz, Bart Green, Cheryl Hawk, Mitch Haas, Nicole Homb, Maria Hondras, Eric Hurwitz, Claire Johnson, Lisa Killinger, Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, Jason Napuli, Kevin Rose, John Stites, James Whedon, and Ms. Lori Byrd.



A special thank you to our CHC moderators, who helped to make sure that our sessions ran smoothly and did a wonderful job with the question and answer sessions. Moderators (left to right): Drs. Michael Clay, Bart Green, Kim Khauv, and Michael Ramcharan (not pictured James Whedon).



This year we offered continuing education (CE) credits for those doctors of chiropractic who wished to earn additional professional credits for licensure renewal by attending the CHC scientific sessions. The feedback was 100% positive, so our extra efforts seem to be worth it. A special thank you to Ms. Kati Sproston from the Palmer Davenport Post Graduate Department and Ms. Lori Byrd, our Past CHC Chair, for helping make sure that offering CE was a success.


Now is the time for you to plan ahead to join us for the 2014 conference! The Chiropractic Health Care Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA-CHC) 2014 Annual Meeting will be held in New Orleans, LA November 15-19, 2014. For more information, please visit: We hope to see you there!




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