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About Chiropractic Health Care

The APHA Chiropractic Health Care Section (CHC) is multidisciplinary in nature and is the only section to date that carries the words "health" and "care" in its official name. Before the creation of an official section, chiropractic was active in APHA via the Chiropractic Forum, a special primary interest group (SPIG) chartered in 1983.

As one of APHA's 29 member sections, serving both chiropractic and non-chiropractic members, the section has full equity and parity with the other professions in the association. Major goals of the CHC section include increasing chiropractic involvement in multidisciplinary public health team endeavors and educating doctors of chiropractic about public health programs and practices such as medical care, health administration and promotion, general well being and nutrition, and public health education.

CHC also serves as a vehicle for chiropractic participation in public health activities and works to enhance chiropractic communications, education and credibility on public health matters.

CHC Mission

• To promote collaboration between chiropractic and other health care professions
• To disseminate public health research
• To promote conservative care in community health
• To support chiropractic care inclusion in public health
• To encourage participation of the chiropractic profession in public health, APHA, and the CHC section
• To collaborate with the APHA community in advancing public health policy

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