Alternative & Complementary Health Practice

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Alternative & Complementary Health Practice

Our members represent a vibrant and diverse group of academics, researchers, providers and practitioners, consumers, students, policy-makers and analysts, and advocacy specialists. We represent every aspect of complementary and integrative health and medicine including:

·         Mind-body approaches

·         Traditional and indigenous medicine

·         Nutritional science and practice

·         Energy medicine

·         Body-based programs

·         Movement therapies

The title of our group "Alternative and Complementary Health Practices" emphasizes that we support the full range of activities elaborated by National Institute of Health's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, with a full appreciation of self-care and life-style approaches that individuals can take to maximize their health and well-being.

As a new member of ACHP you can expect to:

·         Be inspired by the vision, creativity, and talent of your colleagues

·         Inspire other members with your work and perspective

We look forward to meeting and hearing from you in our ACHP Newsletter, which is available via the APHA website. Together, we can work toward the goal of making health care that includes wellness as a right, not a privilege.

The Alternative and Complementary Health Practices SPIG of the American Public Health Association seeks to promote the knowledge base of Complementary and Alternative Health Practices in the United States and globally in our annual meetings and throughout the year with the purpose of improving an understanding of, and access to, Complementary and Alternative Health Practices and thereby contribute to the betterment of local, state, and national public health.