Section Newsletter
Winter 2011

PHACT: Federal Public Health Funds

PHACT: Call for Federal Public Health Funds at Work in Your State


In addition to attending town hall meetings this year, APHA would like you to share a story about why public health funding is important in your community or state. Preferably, the funding would come from one of these three sources:


1.  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

2.  Health Resources and Services Administration

3.  Prevention and Public Health Fund

Examples can provide:


·    An approximate estimate of the amount of the funding received

·    Location of the program (City, state)

·    A summary of the program/intervention (PH issue and intervention being used)

·    Any examples of positive outcomes to date

Make all submission to or email us at

Thanks for taking action to protect public health!

Know Your Section Leaders and How to Stay in Touch


Stay in Touch! Peruse the new Statistics Section Website. You can also check out the links to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn at:


Your APHA Statistics Section
Officers and Committee Chairs are: 


Karl Peace, PhD, MS (11/2010 – 11/2011)
Professor & Georgia Cancer Coalition Distinguished Cancer Scholar
Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health, Georgia Southern University

Hendricks Hall, Office317
PO Box 8015
Statesboro, GA 30460

(912) 478-7905      

Gerald Arnold, PhD (11/2010 – 11/2011)
American Board of Internal Medicine
510 Walnut Street, Suite 1700,
Philadelphia, PA 19106-3690

(215) 446-3568

(800) 441-2246

Past Chair
William Pan, DrPH, MS, MPH (11/2010 – 11/2011)
Assistant Professor
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
615 N Wolfe St, E5545
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 502-2141 



Jeffrey Wilson, PhD (11/2010 – 2011, Chair 11/2011 – 11/2012)

Director of the Data Management and Biostatistics Core, NIH Center for Alzheimer’s
Associate Professor of Biostatistics, W. P. Carey School of Business Department of Economics

Arizona State University

BAC 565
PO BOX 873806
Tempe, AZ 85287-3806

Marta Mendiondo, PhD (11/2010 – 11/2011, Secretary 11/11-11/12)

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

University of Kentucky College of Public Health

Room 207, Sanders-Brown Center on Aging
800 South Limestone Street
Lexington, KY 40536-0230

(859) 257-1412 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting/(859) 257-1412 end_of_the_skype_highlighting x 274
FAX: (859) 323-2866

Section Council
Brisa Sanchez, PhD (11/2009 – 2012)
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics
University of Michigan School of Public Health
M4164 SPH II
1420 Washington Heights
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2029
(734) 763-2451 

Dan Freeman, PhD (11/2009 – 2012)
Director, Office of Biostatistics
Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, TX 77555-1148


Elizabeth Zell, MStat (11/2008 – 2011)
Mathematical Statistician
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA


Deborah (Dedun) Ingram, PhD (11/2008 – 2011)
National Center for Health Statistics
for Disease Control and Prevention
Chevy Chase, MD

Bethany Hedt, PhD (11/2010 – 2013)
Research Fellow
Department of Biostatistics
Harvard School of Public Health
655 Huntington Ave, Bldg 1 Rm 412B
Boston, MA 02115

Bertha Hidalgo MPH (11/2010 – 2013)

PhD/Graduate Trainee
Department of Epidemiology
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
220 Ryals School of Public Health
1530 3rd Ave South
, AL 35294-0022

Cell: (760) 447-7787


Gary J Burkholder, PhD (11/2010 – 2013)

Senior Research Scholar, Center for Research Support

Faculty, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty, College of Health Sciences

Walden University

155 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 100

Minneapolis, MN 55401

(800) 925-3368 X2431


12163 N Seasons Loop

Oro Valley, AZ 85755

Cell: (612) 803-7999


Governing Council
Mike Stoto, PhD (11/2010 - 2011)
Health Services Administration and Population Health
School of Nursing & Health Studies
Georgetown University
3700 Reservoir Road, NW  Room 235
Washington, DC  20057-1107
(202) 687-3292


Amy E. Clark, MS (11/2010 - 2012)
Department of Pediatrics
University of Utah
PO Box 581289
Salt Lake City, UT  84158-1289

(801) 585-5962

(801) 581-8686 (Fax)


Intersectional Council liaison

James (Jim) Leeper, PhD (11/2010 - 2013)
Community and Rural Medicine
Director of Education/Evaluation (Rural Programs)
Rural Medicine Clerkship Director
University of Alabama
PO Box 870327
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0327
(205) 348-1355

Student Liaison
Martin Dunbar

DrPH Student

Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health

Georgia Southern University

PO Box 8015, Hendricks Hall

Statesboro, GA 30460

“Dunbar Martin” <>


Katherine Lin, MHS
Research Associate
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
615 N Wolfe St, E5536
Baltimore, MD 21205

Booth Chair

Bethany Hedt, PhD (11/2010 – 11/2011)
Research Fellow
Department of Biostatistics
Harvard School of Public Health
655 Huntington Ave, Bldg 1 Rm 412B
Boston, MA 02115


Awards Committee Chair

Amy Ferketich, PhD  (11/2010 - ?)
Associate Professor
Division of Epidemiology
Department of Public Health
The Ohio State University
B 107 Starling Loving Hall
320 West 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

(614) 293-4387


Student Awards Committee Chair

William Pan, DrPH, MS, MPH (11/2010 - ?)
Assistant Professor
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
615 N Wolfe St, E5545
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 502-2141

Membership Committee Chair
William Pan, DrPH, MS, MPH (11/2010 - ?)
Assistant Professor
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
615 N Wolfe St, E5545
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 502-2141


Nominations Committee Chair

William Pan, DrPH, MS, MPH (11/- ?)
Assistant Professor
Department of International Health
Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins University
615 N Wolfe St, E5545
Baltimore, MD 21205
(410) 502-2141


2011 Spiegelman Award Committee

Hongyu Zhao, Chair (11/2010 - 2011)

Yale University School of Medicine

60 College St.

200 LEPH

New Haven, CT 06520


Executive Board liaison to the Statistics Section

Diana Conti (11/2010 - ?)


Action Board

Amy Ferketich (2011 - reappointed)


Editorial Board

Jeff Wilson & Linda Chen (11/2010 - ?)


 Nation’s Health

Jean-Pierre Pascal (11/2010 - ?)

Name Change How About Biostatistics

A proposal for changing the name of our Section to Biostatistics was made during the APHA Annual Meeting in November 2010.   This proposal was made to make our Section more in-line with the core public health competencies of the Association of Schools of Public Health.  We are going to proceed with voting for this change in three phases.

Phase 1:  We are soliciting any comments related to this change, including alternatives and objections – Completed on Jan. 31: Overwhelming support for the name change.

Phase 2: Based on Phase 1, we will send a summary and ask for a motion and second to go forward with a vote.

Phase 3: A survey will be sent out soliciting the vote.

Based on the majority vote, we will send a memo to the Inter-Sectional Council for approval.  

Statistics Section Booth at the 2010 Annual Meeting

The Statistics Section uses its APHA booth as an opportunity to engage the broader APHA community, to promote talks sponsored by the Section and to recruit new members. The hope is that in future years, we will continue to have as many strong abstract submissions (hopefully even more!) and to support a strong network of statisticians working in public health.


At the 2010 Annual Meeting, handouts were distributed about session events, other Section activities and student completion cards. Volunteers provided information on Section membership. There was a raffle for a Kindle promoting attendance to the Business Meeting and Social Hour. Dice games featured prizes and promotions for joining the Statistics Section and a condom estimation game gave contestants the opportunity to provide interval estimates for the number of condoms in the jar.


Special thanks goes to Bethany Hedt for organizing the booth and scheduling volunteers.

2010 Lowel Reed Lecture

The Lowel Reed Lecture was given by Clarice Weinberg, chief, Biostatistics Branch at the National Institute of Environmental Health Science. Dr. Weinberg discussed the decade of research on the human genome and the lack of progress in identifying the causes to complex diseases or developing individualized medical treatments. Dr. Weinberg indicated inherited characteristics may play only a small part of the problem and instead complex diseases likely involve varied interactions between genetic and environmental exposures.  Statistics will play a major role in identifying and describing these complex interactions.

Dr. Weinberg received her PhD in biomathematics from the University of Washington in Seattle in 1980. After serving on the faculty of the Department of Biostatistics in Seattle for two years, she came to the biostatistics group at NIEHS in 1983, where she has headed up the Biostatistics Branch since 1997. She was elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association in 1995, and serves on the editorial boards of the American Journal of Epidemiology and Environmental Health Perspectives. She holds adjunct professorships in both the Department of Epidemiology and the Department of Biostatistics at the School of Public Health at UNC, and has coauthored more than 185 peer-reviewed publications. She delivered the distinguished Greenberg lectureship in Biostatistics at the UNC School of Public Health in 1998, and was awarded both the Nathan Mantel award and the Janet Norwood award in 2005 for her contributions to statistical epidemiology and genetics. Her current research interests are in statistical methods related to the design and analysis of studies in epidemiology, statistical genetics as applied to family-based studies of qualitative and quantitative traits, and data mining for analysis of high-dimensional data. Dr. Weinberg is collaborating with Dale Sandler, PhD, chief of the Epidemiology Branch at NIEHS, in a major cohort study of breast cancer, called the Sister Study. Information on this study can be found at Along with her colleagues, Weinberg is now undertaking a new study called the Two Sister Study, which builds on the Sister Study with funding from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Information on this study can be found at

2010 Spiegelman Award Winner

Nilanjan Chatterjee, PhD, chief and a senior investigator of the Biostatistics Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (DECG), National Cancer Institute, was awarded the 2010 Spiegelman Award. He earned his bachelor’s (BStat) and master’s (MStat) degree in statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute,  Calcutta, India, in 1993 and 1995, respectively. He received his PhD in statistics from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1999. He is internationally known for his leadership on development of innovative and rigorous statistical methods for analyses of modern epidemiologic studies. He has pioneered methods for analysis of data with complex design and missing data with important applications in statistical genetics. He has also made vital contributions, sometimes in a leadership role, to the design and analysis of a variety of major cancer epidemiologic studies, including recent genome-wide association studies that have led to the understanding of genetic basis of different cancers. He has co-authored more than 150 peer reviewed publications and has published his methodological work, often as a leading or senior author, in top rated statistical and scientific journals such as American Journal of Human Genetics, Biometrika, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society and Nature Genetics. He has received numerous awards including Z.W. Birnbaum Award (1998) for his outstanding PhD thesis, NIH Merit Award (2003) for developing novel designs and methods for epidemiologic studies, DCEG Outstanding Mentoring award (2005) and Fellowship of the American Statistical Association (2008) for “leadership and creativity in developing study designs and statistical methods for modern epidemiologic studies; for major contribution to high-impact studies; and for strong service to the profession.”

2010 Spiegelman and Statistics Section Awards

The Lowel Reed Lecture, Spiegelman and Statistics Section awards was held Tuesday, Nov. 9 at the Colorado Convention Center. The organizers for the session were David Dunsen, Amy Ferketich, William Kuang-Yao Pan and Karl E. Peace.


The Spiegelman Award Recipient – Presented by Rafael Irizarry, PhD, to Nilanjan Chatterjee, PhD, chief and a senior investigator of the Biostatistics Branch, Division of Cancer


Statistics Section Award Recipients – Presented by William Pan, DrPH, MS, MPH to

  • Academic: Lawrence H. Moulton, PhD, MS, Departments of International Health and Biostatistics Professor, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health for his unwavering commitment to statistical training and mentoring of students from all walks of life, his dedication to the development of statistical methodology applied to cluster randomized trials, vaccine research,and prevention of tuberculosis and HIV and his many contributions to the Statistics Section of APHA.
  • Government: Elizabeth R. Zell, MStat, mathematical statistician in the Division of Bacterial Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for her active participation and contributions to the Statistics Section of APHA and the American Statistical Association and for effective leadership in statistics applied to public health, especially for her accomplishments to advance immunization and vaccine safety research and practice to save lives, both nationally and internationally.
  • Industry: Charles A. DiSogra, DrPH, MPH, chief statistician and head of the Statistics Unit, Menlo Park Office, Knowledge Networks, Inc., for his outstanding leadership and innovative advancements in address-based sampling survey methods, his original contributions to the development of computational metrics for online panels, and his dedication to the statistical excellence of the Knowledge Networks probability-based Web panel as a research tool for public health and other scientific disciplines.


Presentation of Student Competition Award – Presented by Bill Pan, PhD, to Nicholas Reich, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; Xin Gao, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor; Miguel Marino, Harvard School of Public Health; Sandra Hurtado Rua, University of Connecticut; Chen Hu, University of Michigan; Yong Chen, University of Texas School of Public Health; and Sharon Lutz, Harvard School of Public Health


Thank You the Statistics Section wishes to thank Jean Orelien (Scimetrika), William Gould (StataCorp) and Karl Peace for their generous donations in support of the Student Competition Award Program.

Statistics Section Social Hour and Business Meeting

The Statistics Section Business Meeting was held on Sunday, Nov. 7. The business meeting was called to order by Section Chair Bill Pan. The 2010 operating budget and preliminary plans for the Section's activities at 2011 Annual Meeting were discussed. A proposal to change the name for the section from Statistics to Biostatistics was introduced and accepted by the leadership attending. Other agenda items included reports by standing committees, efforts to increase Section representation on APHA-wide committees, Section support for candidates on APHA-wide committees, organizing a new Student Awards Committee, and organizing an outreach program to new membership from industry by posting section activities and recruiting announcements on industry websites and facebook 

Following the business meeting, the social hour with a reception began. A brief business meeting followed which included the introduction to past and new officers, committee and budget reports, a discussion on the 2011 Annual Meeting, and a discussion about expanding the Section's involvement APHA-wide committees and activities. After adjournment, the Section attended its annual dinner held at the Panzano Restaurant in Denver.

Statistics Sessions at the 2010 Annual Meeting

The APHA Statistics Section 2010 program at the Annual Meeting in Denver was a success and attracted a large and diverse audience. The program consisted of 17 scientific sessions, with a total of 71 papers that involved 18 organizers, 17 moderators, eight panelists and three discussants.  Two of the sessions were a poster session and a student research competition session.  The remaining 15 sessions all received continuing education (CE) credit.  Two of the sessions:  “Controversies in Public Health due to Misinterpretation of Statistical Information" organized by Rafael Irizarry and “Statistics and International Health: Methods for surveillance, Monitoring and Management” organized by Stan Lemashow, were cited for extra media coverage.


We also cosponsored 20 sessions across four sections at the Annual Meeting. These included: three in Health informatics and information technology (HIT), six in Community Health Planning and Policy Development (CHPPD), 10 in Epidemiology (EPI), and one in Medical Care (MC).