Social Work
Section Newsletter
Winter 2006

Chair's Corner


     It is indeed an honor to serve as chair of the Social Work Section of the American Public Health Association.

     The Annual Meeting and Exposition in Philadelphia, Dec. 10 - 14,  2005, was a great success for the Association given the fact that meeting had to be changed from New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina.

During the Annual Meeting and Exposition, the Social Work Section had a session on the Public Health Social Work Standards and Competencies. The Standards were distributed and generated interesting dialogue on how the standards can be used in various work settings. The Standards are  a major accomplishment for Public Health Social Work. A special thanks to those who worked on the standards and were able to attend the session to present them:

  • Deborah Stokes;
  • Kathleen Rounds;
  • Loretta Fuddy;
  • Delois Dilworth-Berry;
  •  Theora Evans;
  • Marvin “Reg” Hutchinson; and
  • Deborah Schild.

     Enclosed in the Standards is a complete listing of all the social workers and students involved with their development.  
     Social Work Section Program Chair Julia Hasting  (I am very thankful she accepted the position of chair)  is working hard to ensure the Section has a very good program in Boston, Nov. 4 - 8, 2006.  The theme is “Public Health and Human Rights.”

      A survey regarding the Improvement of Scheduling Meetings was provided to all section chairs to be completed by Jan.31, 2006.  It addressed the timing of meetings, scope of the problem and related scheduling problems.  When the survey data is compiled, it will be reported to the chairs and the information will be put on the section website.  Remember to check the website for social work updates, including the dates of the monthly conference calls and other relevant social work information.

     While we move forward during 2006 in our professional roles, let’s continue to assist the Southern region of the country who experienced Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Contributions to the American Red Cross  are  still needed to help the people we serve.  As the South rebuilds the physical structures, the mental and emotional structure will need to be rebuilt, too.  Let’s call our fellow colleagues in the South and give them support. You can send a brief message to the Social Services departments or send an e-mail and let them know you care.


Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals1201 Capitol Access Road
P.O. Box 629
Baton Rouge, LA  70821-0629

Mississippi Department of Health
570 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216

Alabama Department of Public Health

201 Monroe Street
RSA Tower
Montgomery, AL 36104

Philadelphia Annual Meeting a Great Success

The weather was cold, but the friendships were warm.

Waiting for a session to start
There were successful scientific sessions, business meetings, and the recognition of Reg Hutchinson as the 2005  Insley-Evans Public Health Social Worker of the Year.

Several items were discussed in the Business meetings.  APHA reforms will allow membership in up to three sections.  This will present opportunities for our section to recruit more members.

Public Health Social Workers unite in Philadelphia
Currently, there are many social workers within APHA who are either unaware of the existance of the Social Work Section, and/or are more professionally tied to a subject area.  (For example, many social workers are members of the Maternal & Child Health Section. We need to encourage them to also have an affiliation with their discipline - i.e. the Social Work Section!)

Another APHA reorganization proposal is to create a Practice Board.  More information on this will be coming in the future. 

An additional item brought up at this year's business meetings was the continuing difficulty in scheduling our sessions - both scientific, business and social.  The timing for the Insley-Evans Award conflicted with  a variety of other events going on that were of importance to our members. We will work more closely with APHA  to  do what we can to change this situation for next year. Even though we are a small section, we want to become sufficiently vocal that the planners for APHA do not overlook us.

Reg Hutchinson is Public Health Social Worker of the Year

Monday evening of the Annual Meeting was the time to honor our
Reg receiving the Insley-Evans Award from Kathleen Rounds
2005 Insley-Evans Public Health Social Worker of the Year. We were pleased to honor Reg Hutchinson. Reg has had a long and distinguished career as a public health social
Dennis Poole telling the "truth" about Reg
worker. He is currently the director of public health social work for the state of South Carolina and president of the Association of State and Territorial Public Health Social Workers. He is also an active member of the National Association of Social Workers. He is the immediate past-chair of the Social Work Section of APHA. In these various capacities, Reg has represented the role and perspectives of public health social workers. He has been involved in policy, program and standards. Long-time colleague Dennis Poole, dean of the School of Social Work at the University of South Carolina, spoke of his professional and personal memories of Reg. HIGXYZ20HIGZYX Not only is Reg an outstanding member of the profession, he is also a warm and supportive colleague and friend.

Social Work Section Leadership

There is a strong team acting as APHA Social Work Section Leadership for this year.  You are encouraged to contact the appropriate person if you have ideas, questions or are interested in becoming more involved. Following is a partial list of the leadership. (Editor's note: my appologies to those I forgot.)

Chair:  Delois Dilworth-Berry:

Immediate Past-Chair: Reg Hutchinson:

Chair-Elect: Jeanne Saunders:

Secretary: Vicki Rizzo:

Membership: Reg Hutchinson:

Program: Julia Hastings:

Governing Council Delegates: Deb Schild:
Gary Lounsberry:

Section Counselors: Julia Hastings:
Kim Jaffe:
Ed Saunders:
Sarah Sisco:
Deborah Stokes:

Newsletter Editor: Bari Cornet:


Public Health Social Work Standards

After several years of hard work and consultation,

Deb and Deb discussing the Standards
the Public Health Social Work Standards and Competencies have been completed. These were presented at the APHA Annual Meeting by a panel consisting of Deb Stokes, Loretta Fuddy, Kathleen Rounds, Reg Hutchinson, DeLois Dilworth-Berry, and Theora Evans.

Several specific items were highlighted. Standard #8 calls for public accountability. The panel pointed out that we are the only profession to include this in the professional standards. Standard #11 calls for the elimination of health disparities. Again, this is unique within professional standards. Additional standards were discussed as well.

Thanks to all of those who worked on develping these standards and protocols for public health social work. And many thanks to the Ohio Health Department for the production. Further discussion and implementation of the standards will continue at the MSW/MPH Dual Degree conference at Boston University in May. (see article under News and Notes)

News and Notes

Distance Learning Training on Disasters

          The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill School of Social Work has released  four training guides for working with  people experiencing disasters.   "Intervening with Individuals in Crisis: A Guide for Substance Abuse & Mental Health Professionals"  and "Weathering the Storm: DSS Disaster Response" were developed by the Behavioral Healthcare Resource Program at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work.  Funding was provided by North Carolina Public Health Preparedness & Response, North Carolina Division of Public Health.

          The Public Health Social Work Leadership Training Program, with funding from both the North Carolina Division of Public Health and Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal Child Health Bureau, has developed a two-part series.    "Disaster Preparedness for Public Health Social Workers: Part I:  Natural Disasters"  and "Part II: Bioterrorism". 

          For more information or to access these trainings online, please visit the UNC Chapel Hill School of Social Work's Behavioral Healthcare Resource Program training Web site at

Dual Degree Meeting in Boston in May

          The Boston University School of Social Work is sponsoring a conference in May to bring together representatives of the 18 MSW/MPH combined degree programs.  This will be an opportunity to look at commonalities in the programs, to consider future directions, and to provide linkages and communication among current and future programs.  For more information, contact Betty Ruth at

APHA in Boston Fall 2006

Come to Boston!   Present at APHA!  This is your chance to start thinking about what you would like to share with your colleagues.  The Call for Proposals will be coming soon.    The overall theme will be Public Health and Human Rights.    Specific topics for the Social Work sessions include:  evaluations/outcomes and implications for social justice;  aging and Medicare/Medicaid; post-war survival/readjustment; mental health issues; innovative programs dealing with access issues; immigration;  funding opportunities; and structural inequalities in disaster preparedness and response. Watch  your e-mail for the announcement.   If you have any questions now, contact Julia Hastings at

Message from your Editor

Greetings from sunny (but cold) Berkeley. Somehow being on the snowy streets of Philadelphia didn't feel so chilly. But, then, perhaps that is because I was better prepared. Which brings me to this issue of the Newsletter.

The due date for this issue arrived more quickly than anticipated ... and I had problems uploading photos. So, there is not as much in this issue as I had hoped. ...and this is where you come in.

HIGXYZ32HIGZYXThe next issue of the Newsletter will come out in May. I would like articles, news & notes, photos, book reviews, project updates...anything you have. Please get it to me by May 1, 2006. If everyone supplies one item each year, it will be easy - and truly make it your newsletter.

Thank you for your support.