School Health Education and Services
Section Newsletter
Spring 2011

Chair's Message



First of all, I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.  Remember, sun block and plenty of hydration is important.


As an opening to this message, I want to urge every member of the Section to vote for our Section officers. Each of you should have received an e-mail message, assuming you have your e-mail posted with APHA headquarters.  There is nothing I would like to see more than everyone in the Section casting a ballot for the Section officers.  We are electing a new chair-elect for the Section, a secretary-elect, a Governing Council Representative, and two Section Councilors.  Please exercise your right as a member and cast your vote.


Martha has been working extremely hard getting a wonderful program together for us for the 139th APHA Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., Oct. 29 – Nov. 2.  We have identified our student award winner, who will be presented with a plaque, a ribbon, a certificate, and a check for $200.  I hope you will urge your students to submit an abstract for consideration in 2012.  If you look at the program for this year’s Annual Meeting, we have a stellar lineup of opening and closing speakers in Tom Daschle (former U.S. senator), Jonathan Jarvis (director of the National Park Service) and Pamela S. Hyde (nominated in 2009 to be the Administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).  Each of these individuals is outstanding and will bring the theme of the Annual Meeting, Healthy Communities Promote Health Minds and Bodies, to life.


I personally want to thank each of you who served the Section by acting as a reviewer of these abstracts, and for those of you who submitted an abstract for presentation consideration, a double thanks since it is through this type exchange that we all will learn what is happening in the area of school health around the nation and internationally.  I hope each of you has looked at the preliminary program that was mailed to all of us and that you are making plans to attend.  Remember, all our Section Council meetings are open to everyone, and we really would like to see a lot of you there.  Please send your “entries” to me at There is nothing I would like better than to be “overwhelmed” with entries.  We want our booth to be the best it can be, and you can help.


I know that Terry Wessel is working hard with the Public Health Education and Health Promotion Section to have another wonderful social at this year’s Annual Meeting as well.  The specifics of that social will be included in the Annual Meeting Program.


I would like to elicit the membership’s input for photos we may be able to use as a part of our APHA exhibit.  If you have a wonderful photo you feel would be appropriate, particularly if it exemplifies the theme for the Annual Meeting, please send me an electronic copy of that photo. Identify the activity that is being depicted, and if you are in that photo, all the better.


I also want to alert you that we are already beginning to elicit your input for who might be officers in the future for the Section. In 2012, we will be electing a new Governing Council Representative and two new Section Councilors.  If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact me at  We will also be looking for individuals who are interested in helping develop potential policy statements for the Section, as well as individuals to serve on the Membership Committee, the SHES exhibit booth and on the Social Committee as well.


We have been active since the past chair’s message, particularly through the activities of the Coalition of National Health Education Organizations (thanks, Chris), and through our Governing Councilor, Susan Wooley, who has been in touch with Teri Wright, who is heading the School Health Initiative for APHA.  For those of you interested reading about this initiative, please go to, then click on Programs and Resources and scroll to the bottom of the menu that pops up.  Here you will see School Health and Education.  The initiative is as follows: The Center for School, Health and Education focuses on the health and social factors that influence educational success.  We have offered to be members of the advisory committee for this center so our collective voice will be heard.


As a result of many factors, all professional organizations are experiencing membership drops, and we are no different.  Many of you may not know that Barbara Reck, longtime chair of membership at APHA, retired, and we have a new chair of membership, Sara Miller, who just recently began her duties at the Washington, D.C., headquarters.  Sara brings 10 years of experience dealing with membership recruitment and retention, and we are looking forward to working with her in the future.  In the meanwhile, I sincerely hope that each of you will try to recruit one new member prior to August 1 of this year.  Doing this will really strengthen our Section since the Section budget is determined by our Section membership as of August 31 of each year.


I also want to congratulate all our members who submitted the documentation to the National Center for Health Education Credentialing and have become Master Certified Health Education Specialists.  I know each of you worked hard and is very deserving of this designation.


Well, that is about it for this installment of the chair’s message.  Remember children are our future, and together we can help make that a healthy future for them.


Make it a great day for yourselves and for all those with whom you come into contact.




APHA Annual Meeting News


Registration is now open for the APHA 139th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2011.  More than 1,000 cutting edge scientific sessions will be presented by public health researchers, academicians, policy-makers and practitioners on the most current public health issues facing the nation today. For registration and more information about the Annual Meeting, visit .


Our section will have a strong presence at the meeting including 20 section sponsored scientific sessions, an expo booth, and a social. View the sessions sponsored by our Section in the interactive Online Program ( Search the program using keyword, author name or date. Don’t forget to visit the Section and SPIG pavilion in the Public Health Expo next to Everything APHA to speak to a Section representative.

What's New in School Health Services

Fast Facts about School Nursing

By Martha Dewey Bergren


Every four years, the Health Services Administration conducts a survey of registered nurses in the United States to evaluate if there are enough nurses to meet the health needs of the nation (HRSA, 2010).  The facts about school nursing in 2008 are:


  • 73,697 registered nurses work as school nurses.

  • Fifty-two percent BSN, 23 percent masters or doctoral degree.

  • Seventy-three percent work full–time, and the average work week is 39 hours.

  • School nurses’ average annual wage is $47,851, compared to $69,701 for hospital nurses.

  • Ninety-two percent are school district employees.

  • Forty percent are union members, compared to 19 percent of hospital nurses.

  • School nurses are the most satisfied of all nursing specialties.

Health Resources and Services Administration [HRSA] (2010).  The registered nurse population:  Findings from the 2008 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses.  Rockville, MD: US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration.

For additional facts about the school nursing workforce:  

What's New in School Health Education

We are looking for a Section member to volunteer to write this column for the newsletter.  If you are interested, please contact Sarah Lindstrom Johnson at

Member News

Last Day to vote! 

Make sure your voice is heard by casting your ballet for Section leadership.  You should have received an email from APHA with a link as well as your unique pin number.  If you did not, you can contact help services at  or (866) 720-4357.  Ballots must be submitted today, June 20 by 5 p.m. EST. 


Student Section

Need-based scholarships available for students to attend Annual Meeting

APHA is proud to announce the availability of need-based scholarships, sponsored by External Medical Affairs, Pfizer Inc., for student members to attend the 139th Annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C., from Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2011. Twelve students will be granted registration and up to a $500 stipend to use toward food, lodging and transportation. An additional four students will be given Annual Meeting registration only.  Recipients of the scholarships will be chosen based on financial need and essay.  As part of the award, students will be strongly encouraged to attend at least one Section business meeting.  Please inform the student members of your Section about this unique opportunity!  Visit: for complete details and application.  Please contact Pooja Bhandari at with any questions. 

Public Health and Transportation

These are exciting times when considering the many ways our transportation systems impact health and equity in our communities. Congress extended the current federal surface transportation bill until Sept. 30, 2011, and Congressional committees are aiming to draft a new transportation bill before this latest extension ends.

Want to learn more about the connections between transportation, equity and health? View our archived webinar series, subscribe to the monthly transportation and health eNewsletter that offers an array of new events and updates, and download the newly released online public health and transportation toolkit and accompanying resources today.

We also invite you to send a message to your members of Congress urging that they ensure that strong public health provisions are included in the federal surface transportation reauthorization. For more information, visit

Conferences and Publications

American School Health Association Conference

Limitless Possibilities - School Health in the New Decade

October 12 - 15, 2011
Galt House Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky


Advancing School Mental Health

School Mental Health: Promoting Success for All Students

September 22-24, 2011

Charleston, S.C.


Update on APHA Book Publications – June 2011

I am very pleased to announce that there are a number books in production as well proposals for books that have been accepted, and work on them is under way.  Furthermore, several authors of current products will be available to sign their books at the fall APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

APHA members of all Sections are encouraged to using existing, new and emerging products in their academic courses. These resources are also very relevant to policy, prevention, advocacy and client care initiatives. Please encourage your colleagues to use these timely and evidence-based resources.  Go to the APHA website to find out more: 

We are also looking for new proposals for books. If you have an idea for a book, please send a few paragraphs describing the idea, intended audience and your qualifications to Nina Tristani, Director of Publications, APHA,

Thank you for supporting APHA Books and promoting these products.

Norman Giesbrecht, PhD, Chair, APHA Publications Board



o    Environmental Health and Racial Equity in the United States, Authors: Robert D. Bullard, PhD; Glenn S. Johnson, PhD; and Angel O. Torres, MCP

Books at Printer in June

·         Megacities and Public Health, Omar Khan, MD, MHS

·         Public Health Management of Disasters, 3rd edition, Linda Landesman

Books Currently in Production

  • Injury Prevention for Children and Adolescents: Research Practice, and Advocacy, 2nd edition, Karen D. Liller, PhD
  • School–Based Health Care, Terri Wright, MPH and Jeanita Richardson, PhD

Books in Development

  • Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 20th Edition
  • Control of Communicable Diseases Lab Book
  • Compendium of Methods for the Examination of Foods, 5th Edition
  • Caring for Our Children, 3rd edition
  • Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater, 22nd edition


·         Communicating Public Health Information Effectively is now on Kindle.

Co-sponsored Books

Jossey-Bass: Emerging Infectious Diseases published in April 2011.


Jones and Bartlett Learning books to be published before the 2011 Annual Meeting: Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health, Essential Case Studies in Public Health: Putting Public Health into Practice, Global Health 101, Field Epidemiology in Public Health Practice, Epidemiology in Women's Health, Essentials of Health, Culture and Diversity, Epidemiology of Chronic Disease, Introduction to Air Pollution Science, and Essentials of Program Planning and Evaluation.


APHA is also co-publishing with Wiley, Designing Healthy Communities by Richard Jackson.  The book is a companion to a PBS series to air this fall.