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Oral Health
Section Newsletter
Winter 2007

Chair's Message


Boston was great!

Among the highlights at the APHA 134th Annual Meeting were:

Resolution Passed: support for the Alaska Dental Health Aide Therapist and Other Innovative Programs for Underserved Populations.

Kudos to Myron Allukian for spearheading this resolution that states the following:

Given the evidence of the safe and effective oral health care delivered by Dental Health Aide Therapists and the need for such services for populations in remote and under-served areas and the support for having those oral health services, therefore, the American Public Health Association:

(1) Actively supports the Dental Health Aide Therapist (DHAT) Program and other innovative programs and practices to help prevent and alleviate the great unmet oral health needs of Alaska Natives;

(2) Encourages the Governor of Alaska and other administrative and legislative leaders in Alaska to recognize and support the Dental Health Aide Therapist Program as a legitimate, practical and responsible program to help meet the needs of Alaska Natives;

(3) Urges key members of the Congress, the administration, federal and Alaska health agencies, and Alaska dental, public health and Native Tribal organizations and other groups to support the Dental Health Aide Therapist program.

(4)  For other under-served populations in other parts of the United States, resolves to strongly support DHAT and other innovative and effective programs, aimed at improving access to preventive and therapeutic oral health services for other underserved populations in the United States;

(5)  Supports efforts to inform, as needed, national and state health, public health and dental organizations and agencies and legislative and judicial bodies, and the general public, of APHA's support of such programs;

(6)  Urges the Congress, the administration, and federal agencies to improve oral health policies, programs and funding so that fluoridation, health education, preventive and therapeutic dental services are provided for all underserved individuals and communities who lack these services in the United States.

The complete text can be found here.

To access all APHA policies go to: 

Terrific Scientific Session

Thanks are due to many Oral Health Section members for contributing their valuable time and making the scientific session such a grand success!

Oscar Arevalo, program chair, and committee members for a jam-packed scientific session (29 posters, 9 oral sessions)

Kathy Lituri and Amos Deinard for co-chairing the Booth Committee

Raul Garcia, local arrangements chair for the Boston meeting;
Diane Brunson, Knutson Committee chair and committee members: Ron Romero, Andrea Azevedo, Scott Presson, Charla Lautar and James Cecil
Jane Steffensen, nominations chair
Dyan Campbell, chair of the Section, and incoming nominations chair.
Tim Cooke, newsletter editor and Webmaster, who checks in from time to time now that he is taking a sabbatical.
Kathy Lituri, who continues as our superlative Section secretary, assistant newsletter editor, and co-chair Jong Student Award Committee.
Alice Horowitz is serving as a member of the American Journal of Public Health Editorial Board.
Julie A. Janssen who serves as the ASTDD Liaison to the APHA OH Section
Amos Deinard, the ex- chair of the Membership Committee, current chair of the Public Policy Committee and co-chair Jong Student Award Committee.  Amos also serves on the APHA Education Board.


Reception and Awards ceremony
The reception and award ceremony was held at The Castle on the Boston University Charles River Campus. Thanks to the efforts of Kathy Lituri and Raul Garcia, there were many more attendees than in previous years. It was a great evening with great food!

Many thanks to our sponsors for their generosity in providing support for the reception, awards and special presentations:

1.      Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals,
2.      Dentsply Professional,
3.      LCI, Ltd., and
4.      OMNI Preventive Care, A 3M ESPE Company.

Knutson Award

2006 Awardee: John Brown, BDS, MS, PhD

For further details, please click here.

Jong Awards

The inaugural 2006 recipients of The Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Pre-Professional Awards sponsored by Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals were presented to:

Gabrielle F. Cannick DMD/PhD candidate, Medical University of South Carolina, six year DMD/PhD program and Brandi R. Jackson DDS 2006 University of North Carolina, School of Dentistry.

The Anthony Westwater Jong Memorial Community Dental Health Post-professional Award sponsored by OMNI Preventive Care, A 3M ESPE Company was presented to: Kavita Mathu-Muju 2006 MPH, Pediatric Dentistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

For further details, please click here. 


Dr. Dushanka Kleinman, Kavita Mathu-Muju, Pat Westwater Jong and her son, Alex Jong (from the awards night at The Castle.

Kentucky Dental Health Partnership Wins Healthy Children Award

The Kentucky Dental Public Health Partnership was awarded the APHA/Glaxo SmithKline Partnership for Healthy Children Award at APHA’s 134th Annual Meeting. The University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and the Kentucky Department for Public Health formed the partnership in 1996 to improve oral health access for financially disadvantaged children. By 2005, the collaborative approach had evolved into a statewide oral health initiative that has served more than 31,000 state residents.

For further details please click here.


Changes in OH Leadership

Outgoing Section Council members: Many thanks to Oscar Arevalo and Raul Garcia.
Outgoing Governing Councilor: Many thanks to Karen Yoder.

Congratulations to Incoming Section Council members: Beth Hines, MPH, RDH, and David M. Krol, MD, MPH.

Incoming Governing Councilor: Magda A. de la Torre, MPH, RDH, BS.

Incoming Chair-Elect: Scott M. Presson, DDS, MPH.

Thanks to everyone who voted; more than 30 percent of our Oral Health Section members voted, a higher proportion than any other section.


Membership continues to grow

The Oral Health Section had 346 members as of October 31, 2006.

Please note: Any Oral Health Section member interested in becoming involved in Section activities is welcome to contact me or the Section leadership as listed on the leadership roster in this newsletter.


New Blood

Woosung Sohn, 2007 Program Chair
Sarika Arora, APHA Student Assembly
Anuradha Deshmukh, Newsletter Editor
Lynn Bethel, Chair, Booth Committee



Plans for Washington, D.C., November 2007

Please mark your calendar to visit Washington, D.C., and attend the 2007 APHA Annual Meeting Nov. 3-7, 2007.

If you are interested in working on the Oral Health Section Program, please contact Woosong Sohn, 2007 Annual Meeting Program Chair, at .


Call for 2007 Nominations for John W. Knutson Distinguished Service Award in Dental Public Health

Nominations are requested for the John W. Knutson Distinguished Service Award, which is conferred by the Oral Health Section at the APHA Annual Meeting, based on the following criteria: a distinguished career in dental public health; leadership in the profession; and significant accomplishments. Nominees may have had public health careers at the local, state, national or international level in dental public health practice, academia, the military, business or industry, and will be a present or past member of APHA. Candidates who were recommended but did not receive the award in previous years may be resubmitted. To nominate a candidate for the 2007 Award, submit a curriculum vitae or biographical information and letter(s) of recommendation regarding the candidate by March 31, 2007 to the chair of the Oral Health Section Award Committee: Ron Romero .

Celebrate National Public Health Week: April 2-8, 2007

For more information, visit


APHA Annual Meeting 2007 Nov. 3-7, Washington, D.C.


Visit the APHA Annual Meeting Web site for Updates on Registration and Program


Future Years’ Locations & Dates:

2008 October 25-29, San Diego
2009 November 7-11, Philadelphia
2010 November 6-10, Denver

State Public Health Associations

Many of our members are also members of the state or local public health association or affiliate. For more information on your local affiliate, click here .


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Message from the Newsletter Editor

We are glad to bring you the Winter 2007 edition of the Section newsletter, and would like to encourage everyone to submit articles for the next edition (deadline for submission is April 30, 2007). We  are particularly interested in hearing about local oral health activities and successes that should be publicized to a wider audience.

Please e-mail submissions to Anuradha Deshmukh .

Our Oral Health Section Web site

Check the site out for information about the Section, a calendar of events and links to oral health resources. Please e-mail ideas for improvements, suggestions for links and calendar entries and any content you would like included to the Section Secretary Kathy Lituri.

The Latest Update

The Oral Health Section is seeking active members who would be interested in serving on the Membership or the Public Policy Committee.

Please contact Dr. Howard Pollick at .

Last but not least!


AAPHD President Caswell Evans, left, and Oral Health Section Chair Howard Pollick meet at the APHA Annual Meeting in Boston and agree to work together.