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Winter 2006

Password Best practices from Microsoft (Updated: January 21, 2005)

What do you use as your password: your birthday? Your dog's name? A word from the dictionary? Or a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers? If you've chosen the latter, you've made the right choice.

Do you use the same password for multiple accounts? That is also not a good idea.

Have you written down your passwords in a place where someone can find it such as your middle desk drawer. Or maybe you have put it on a yellow stickie and it's attached to your computer, or desktop or Outlook rollodex? Not a good idea.

Do you share your password with close friends? Spouses? Children? Again, this is a bad idea.

To keep personal data safer, take a look at the article written by Microsoft that covers password best practices. The article is located at: .

Keeping your password safe and secret!