Food and Nutrition
Section Newsletter
Fall 2004

Message from the Chair

September 2004

Autumn has arrived, and the APHA annual meeting is just a few weeks away. Please check your travel schedule and try to attend the Food and Nutrition Section Business Meeting on Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004, from 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. Many of our section members, especially new members, don’t realize that the action really begins on Saturday. We use the time before the scientific sessions and exhibits begin to renew our network ties within our section, discuss how the section should vote on APHA resolutions, policy statements and elections, obtain volunteers to work on the various section committees, plan action items for the coming year and identify members who may wish to become section leaders in the future. Often, candidates for the elected APHA positions stop by to give short “stump speeches” and allow us to ask questions. What questions would you like to ask of those running for the top APHA positions? Also, if you are seriously considering running for section office in the future, you should observe the Nov. 6 Section Council meetings, which begin in the morning.

We have modified Saturday’s schedule as follows:

Saturday, Nov. 6, 2004
Renaissance Washington D.C. Hotel, 999 9th St NW

10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Food and Nutrition Section, Section Council Meeting

12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m.
Food and Nutrition Section, Section Council Meeting (continued)

2:00 PM-3:30 PM
Food and Nutrition Section Business Meeting

The developments in nutrition in 2004, including passage of the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization, and the publication of the report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee, have set the stage of an exciting year of policy implementation and revision of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. With these and the Presidential election as backdrop, we have an exciting schedule of Food and Nutrition scientific sessions for the Annual Meeting. My thanks to our section Planning Committee and all of the abstract reviewers, with special thanks to Committee ChairBarbara Polhamus and Committee Co-chair Barbara Laraia.

I also wish to thank all of the members of the Food and Nutrition Section Council, for their unfailing support during the past year. I have long felt that, even more than the best scientific sessions, the opportunity to get to know and work with the leaders in the field of public health nutrition who comprise our Section Council is the greatest benefit of APHA. The leaders in our field are very busy people, but many have made some time during the year to work collectively on broad issues of public health concern. Through e-mail, periodic conference calls and semi-annual meetings (the APHA Annual Meeting and a mid-year meeting in February or March), we have been able to address challenges that none of us alone could have worked into our schedules. This year, our collective effort included a review of APHA food and nutrition-related policies, and recommendation to the organization for continuation, updating or archiving. This broad-based review revealed a need for increased expertise on the Section Council on Food Safety, and we responded by creating a Food Safety Committee.

If you are willing to spend an average of two to three hours a month, mostly communicating with other active members of the section, you could make a contribution to our effort, develop your professional network, and perhaps make a new friend. I hope many of you will be there for the Section Business Meeting, and will become active members for 2005.

Jay Hirschman, Chair
APHA Food and Nutrition Section

APHA Annual Meeting and Exposition

2003 APHA San Francisco Charlene Sanders (Food and Nutrition Section) and Deborah Sica (The Wine Institute)
We hope you are making plans to attend the Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. from Nov. 6-10, 2004. We have planned an exciting program with presentations and posters on timely topics. Sessions include:

Oral Sessions
  • Addressing Disparities in Nutrition and Physical Activity through Environmental Change
  • Food Marketing and Advertising Aimed at Children and Adolescents
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Overweight and Obesity Related Costs
  • Empowering Youth with Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • CDC’s Obesity Prevention Program: National and State Strategies
  • Environmental Factors and the Obesity Crisis
  • Environmental Strategies to Address Obesity
  • Faith-Based Initiatives to Support Behavior Change
  • Food Insecurity: Access, Federal Food Program Participation and Health
  • Health Communication Strategies to Prevent Obesity and Chronic Diseases
  • Influencing Policy on Nutrition and Physical Activity Issues
  • Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: What’s New
  • School Environment: Changing Food and Physical Activity Choices
  • Spotlight on the Youth Obesity Epidemic
  • Surveillance and Survey Data: Implications for Prevention, Programs and Policy
  • Using Community-Based Research to Improve the Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment

Poster Sessions
Food and Nutrition Poster I: The Obesigenic Environment
Food and Nutrition Poster II: Childhood Overweight
Food and Nutrition Poster III: Adult and Elder Nutrition Issues
Food and Nutrition Poster IV: Current Topics in Nutrition

FNS Awards Reception, Sunday, Nov. 7, 6:30-8:30
Agnes Higgins Award Lecture and Reception, Monday, Nov. 8, 6:30-8:30

FNS Business Meeting
We invite all section members to attend the FNS business meeting on Saturday, Nov. 6, from 2:00 – 3:30 at the Renaissance Hotel to learn about section activities, future plans and to share your ideas.

Reported by: Barbara Polhamus

For a detailed version of the program, click on the link below:

Exhibit Volunteers

Dear FNS Members:

As a member of FNS, I hope you will volunteer to staff our exhibit (one-hour shifts, Sunday through Tuesday) during the APHA Annual Meeting. This is a great opportunity to represent our section. Please contact with me with your preferred timeslot(s), and I will honor requests as I receive them. If you know of other FNS members attending the Annual Meeting who might be interested in staffing the exhibit, please forward their contact information to me. It would be nice to get as many FNS members as possible involved in this activity.

Where: Washington D.C. Convention Center, Booth #1453

Days: Sunday, Nov. 7, 2004 through Tuesday, Nov. 9, 2004

Looking forward to seeing you during the Annual Meeting!

Katrina Holt
Your APHA FNS Exhibit Coordinator
Tel: (202) 784-9551

Food and Nutrition Section News

Food and Nutrition Section Award Winners for 2004

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 2004 Food and Nutrition Section Awards. This year’s winners are:

 Barbara Abrams, DrPH, RD, for The Agnes Higgins Award, sponsored by the March of Dimes, the Food and Nutrition Section and the Maternal and Child Health Section, recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the area of maternal and child nutrition and exemplary services and professional achievements in improving pregnancy outcomes. Abrams is currently the associate dean of student affairs in the School of Public Health and professor of Epidemiology, Maternal and Child Health and Public Health Nutrition, in the Division of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, at the University of California at Berkeley. Her research interests include body size, nutrition, social factors and reproductive health, nutritional and perinatal epidemiology, maternal and child nutrition, women's health, and nutrition and AIDS. She has authored or co-authored over 50 referred publications and book chapters. Abrams is the recipient of grants from NIH, Bureau of Maternal and Child Health, Department of Defense, and other state and private foundations. Abrams has served on several committees and sub-committees for the Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, and National Academy of Sciences, including the Committee on Nutritional Status during Pregnancy and Lactation, the Committee on Scientific Evaluation of WIC Nutrition Risk Criteria, and the Subcommittee for a Clinical Application Guide of the Committee on Nutritional Status during Pregnancy and Lactation. She has also served on the Panel of Expert Consultants for the Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Feeding Program (WIC) Eligibility Study II by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and many other expert committees.

 Judy F. Wilson, MSPH, RD, for The Mary Egan Award sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Section, which recognizes the professional contributions and outstanding services of a public health nutritionist who has developed new approaches to public health nutrition, mentoring, nutrition education, and addressing special nutrition needs. Wilson is currently the director of nutrition service staff in the Office of Analysis, Nutrition, and Evaluation, of the Food and Nutrition Service at the United States Department of Agriculture. Within 6 months of joining FNS, she planned and implemented the EAT SMART. PLAY HARD. Campaign. She has also been instrumental in the development of child nutrition programs and team nutrition projects including developmental work for Nutrition and Physical Activity the 100way; Power of Choice; It’s Up to You, CACFP Infant Feeding Guide and TN Implementation Guide. Prior to joining the USDA staff, Wilson spent twenty two years with the WIC Program in Washington, D.C., including managing its pilot in 1974. She has held leadership roles in NAWD (VP, Executive Board, and Regional Representative); she was Co-Chair of the Institute Of Medicine’s Committee to develop the Implementation Guide for Nutrition in Pregnancy; she was instrumental in the initiation of the award winning WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program (BFPC, 1985) and the development of the BFPC guidance used nationally. Wilson has also served as an expert witness for the Department of Justice, Legal Defense Organization on prison nutrition issues.

 Patricia Crawford, DrPH, RD, for The Catherine Cowell Award sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Section, which recognizes an individual who has exemplified excellence and achievement in administration, planning, mentoring, and team building in public health nutrition including meeting the special needs of urban populations and young children. Crawford is the co-director of the Center for Weight & Health and Nutrition Specialist/Lecturer in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of California, Berkeley. She has almost 10 years of teaching experience in nutritional sciences and public health. Crawford is the recipient of grants from NIH, CDC, USDA, and private foundations. Currently, she is the principal investigator of several studies, including Risk Factors for Poor Bone Health in Latina, Asian, African American and White Women, Paradox of Food Insecurity and Child Obesity in Hispanic Children, the CDC Prevention Centers' Obesity Network and the USDA sponsored, 5 State WIC Child Obesity Intervention Study.

 Suzanne Murphy, PhD, RD, for the Excellence in Dietary Guidance Award, co-sponsored by the Produce for Better Health Foundation and the Food and Nutrition Section, which recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the area of dietary guidance formulation, research, education, or policy change. The Produce for Better Health Foundation supports this monetary award. Murphy is a research professor at the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii at the University of Hawaii (Honolulu, HI) and director of the Nutrition Support Shared Resource at the Center. Her research interests include dietary assessment methodology, development of food composition databases (with emphasis on inclusion of ethnic foods), communication of nutrition principles (with emphasis on multi-cultural populations), and nutritional epidemiology of chronic diseases (with emphasis on cancer and obesity). Murphy has served as a member of the National Nutrition Monitoring Advisory Council and as vice-chair of the 2000 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. She has served on several Institute of Medicine panels including the Subcommittee on Interpretation and Uses of Dietary Reference Intakes, which she chaired for two years; the Subcommittee on Upper Safe Reference Levels of Nutrients, and the Panel on Calcium and Related Nutrients and the Committee to Review the WIC food package, which she is presently chairs.

 Deborah Bentzel, MPH, for The Food and Nutrition Section Student Award, sponsored by the Food and Nutrition Section, which recognizes the student submitting the highest scoring abstract for an oral presentation at the national meeting. Bentzel is a research assistant, Boston University Thalidomide Study, at the Slone Epidemiology Center of Boston University School of Public Health.

Reported by:
Geraldine S. Perry-Allen, DrPH, RD
Chair, Awards Committee
Annie B. Carr, MS, RD
Co-Chair, Awards Committee

APHA Advocacy and Policy News

APHA Governing Council to Meet During Annual Meeting

As the governing body for the organization, the APHA Governing Council will hold its meetings during the APHA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. The Food and Nutrition Section has three Governing Councilors representing the section. Returning as a councilor is Joan Trendell, who will be joined by Anna Maria Siega-Riz and Beth Dixon to conduct the business of the organization on behalf of the section.

The Governing Council will elect the new leaders to serve as APHA’s President-elect, Treasurer, Speaker of the Governing Council and three Executive Board members. See the September edition of The Nation’s Health or <> for biographies of the following candidates:

Colleen Hughes
Patricia D. Mail

Ross P. Marine
Melvin P. Shipp

Speaker of Governing Council:
Alan R. Hinman
(Running unopposed)

Executive Board:
Gerald Eggert
Nell Gottleib
Shiriki Kumanyika
Rod Lew
Howard Spivak
Andrea Kidd Taylor

In addition, the Governing Council will consider for passage more than 20 policy statements on a variety of public health issues. These statements can be found at <>.

Reports from APHA staff, board members and various organizational units will be made during the Governing Council Sessions, and priorities for the organization in the public policy arena will be set as well.

The Governing Councilors can only represent the interest of the section by receiving input from section members. Please voice your opinions about candidates and policy statements as well as other issues of concern either directly to one of the section’s councilors or during the section’s business meetings held during the Annual Meeting. And if you are interested in seeing the council in action, stop by one the meetings, which will occur on Saturday, Nov. 6, Sunday Nov. 7, and Tuesday, Nov. 9.
We look forward to serving the section at this year’s Governing Council.

Reported by:
Joan Trendell:
Beth Dixon:
Anna-Maria Siega-Riz:

Educational, Employment, Training, and Funding Opportunities


  • Wellstone Fellowship for Social Justice
    The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to honor the memory of the late Senator Paul D. Wellstone by fostering the advancement of social justice through participation in health care advocacy work that focuses on the unique challenges facing many communities of color. The goals of the Wellstone Fellowship Program are three-fold:

    1. To address disparities in access to health care; 2. To inspire Wellstone Fellows to continue to work for social justice throughout their lives; and 3. To increase the number and racial and ethnic diversity of up-and-coming social justice advocates and leaders.

    The Wellstone Fellowship is a year-long, full-time, salaried position. The term for the next Fellow will begin in August 2005. The Fellow will be engaged in health care advocacy work in Families USA's office in Washington, D.C., where he or she will learn about Medicare, Medicaid, efforts to achieve universal coverage, and other important health policy issues. Specifically, the fellow will be engaged in Families USA's outreach to and mobilization of communities of color. At the same time, the Wellstone Fellow will learn about conducting health care campaigns through communication and collaboration with our network of state grassroots advocates and organizations.

    For more information contact Melissa Rosenblatt at <>.


  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Associate or Full Professor
    Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
    UCLA Department of Family Medicine

    The Department of Family Medicine in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is seeking applicants for a full-time tenured faculty position with research expertise in health promotion and disease prevention/community health at the associate or full professor level. Applicants possessing a doctoral degree in Medicine, Nursing, Public Health or other disciplines with a health expertise will be considered.

    Applications should include a cover letter, CV and contact information for three references to: Marilynn VanderHule
    Academic Personnel Manager
    UCLA Department of Family Medicine
    Box 951683
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1683.

    College of Family and Consumer Sciences
    Department of Foods and Nutrition

    Assistant or Associate Professor
    Nine-Month Position, Tenure Track

    Qualifications: PhD in human nutrition, public health nutrition or nutritional epidemiology required; postdoctoral training and public health nutrition experience preferred. Candidate must qualify for membership in the graduate faculty.
    Responsibilities: Teach graduate and undergraduate courses; develop a nationally recognized and extramurally funded research program in human nutrition, public health nutrition or nutritional epidemiology; advise undergraduate and graduate students; participate in departmental and collegiate governance; and serve in professional organizations.
    Application Procedure: Applicants must submit their curriculum vitae and a letter expressing interest in the position with names of four referees to:
    Dr. Rick Lewis
    Chair, Search Committee
    Department of Foods and Nutrition
    Dawson Hall
    The University of Georgia
    Athens, GA 30602-3632
    (706) 542-4901
    All applications will be held in confidence until the candidates for interviews are selected.
    Closing Date: Dec. 15, 2004; Beginning Date: Aug. 16, 2005.


Resources and Meetings


  • NEW Web-based Inventory of Qualitative Research
    DNPA's Nutrition and Physical Activity Communication team (NuPAC) is pleased to announce the launch of the new searchable Inventory of Qualitative Research in Nutrition and Physical Activity.
  • The site provides basic information about qualitative studies that have been conducted in the fields of nutrition, physical activity, and other related fields. The inventory allows users to search for information using search fields, entering keywords, or searching the entire database.

    The inventory was developed to highlight research that may not be widely known or published in peer-reviewed journals. Each entry includes information about the research topic and methods as well as a contact person willing to discuss the research and share any available documents. There are no reports or documents attached to the inventory.

    Although there are many projects included in the inventory, we know that there are many more that could be shared. We are hoping that the release of the Web site will facilitate more entries. It is our hope that the site will facilitate enhanced qualitative research and intervention efforts in nutrition and physical activity.

    Please share with others that you think may be interested.

    If you have questions about the inventory, please feel free to e-mail <>.

  • The Community Health Representative (CHR) program has unveiled a new Web site, a valuable resource on American Indian and Alaskan Native health.
    Access the site. Because of the impact of the self-government regulations, the CHR program is continuously self-monitoring and revising to meet the needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native communities within the constructs of individual tribal direction while fulfilling its mission to provide quality outreach health care services and health promotion/disease prevention services to American Indians and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well-trained CHR's.

  • The 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Report

    The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Agriculture (USDA) released the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans report on Aug. 27. The 13-member 2005 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee was appointed to assist the departments in providing sound and current dietary guidance to consumers. The committee’s extensive discussion and review yielded nine major messages:

    • Consume a variety of foods within and among the basic food groups while staying within energy needs.
    • Control calorie intake to manage body weight.
    • Be physically active every day.
    • Increase daily intake of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat or low-fat milk and milk products.
    • Choose fats wisely for good health.
    • Choose carbohydrates wisely for good health.
    • Choose and prepare foods with little salt.
    • If you drink alcoholic beverages, do so in moderation.
    • Keep food safe to eat.

      The Dietary Guidelines are reviewed and updated by HHS and USDA every five years. The 6th edition is expected to be published in January 2005.


    Sept. 28-30, 2004 - National WIC Association 2004 Nutrition and Breastfeeding Conference. WIC - Growing Healthy Families. Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak, Phoenix, Ariz. Contact Julieann Boyle, (402) 595-1396; <>, or visit <>.

    Sept. 28-30, 2004 - ACN Review Course on the Fundamentals of Human Nutrition. Long Beach, Calif. Contact Pearl Small, (717) 446-6086; fax (727) 446-6202; e-mail <>; Web -

    Sept. 30-Oct. 3, 2004 - American College of Nutrition 45th Annual Meeting. Hilton Long Beach, Long Beach, Calif. Contact Stanley Wallach, Hospital for Joint Diseases, 301 E 17th Street, New York NY 10003; (212) 777-1037; fax (212) 777-1103; Contact.

    Oct. 2-4, 2004 - American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition. Anaheim, Calif. Contact ADA, 216 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60606-6995; (312) 899-0040; fax (312) 899-0008; <>; <>.

    Oct. 6-8, 2004 - Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management. Anaheim, Calif. Contact the American Dietetic Association Commission on Dietetic Registration, (800) 877-1600, ext 5500.

    Oct. 6-9, 2004 - Society for Foodservice Management 2004 National Conference. Building Investment: Turning Silver Into Gold. Baltimore, Md. Contact the Society for Foodservice management (SFM), 304 W Liberty Street, Suite 201, Louisville, KY 40202; (502) 583-3783; fax (502) 589-3602; <>; <>.

    Oct. 16-19, 2004 - 8th Annual Community Food Security Conference (AFSC). Celebrating a Decade of Community Food Security. Midwest Airlines Center, Milwaukee, Wis. Call Growing Power, (414) 527-1546;

    Oct. 25-27, 2004 - National Obesity Prevention Conference. Hyatt Regency Bethesda, One Bethesda Metro Center, Bethesda, Md. For information, contact <> or visit our site.

    Nov. 6-10, 2004 - American Public Health Association 132nd Annual Meeting and Exposition. Washington, D.C. Call (202) 777-2742.

    Nov. 14-18, 2004 - Annual Scientific Meeting of the North American Association for the Study of Obesity and the American Diabetes Association. Las Vegas, Nev. Contact Shirley Ash, ADA, 1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311; (800) 342-2383; <>;