Dear APHA Epidemiology Section members,


If you have not voted or re-voted for Epi Section leaders, please do so ASAP.  Please cast your ballot by Thursday, July 3 by 11:59 p.m. EDT -- the extended deadline.


More background:   Because not all candidates for APHA Epidemiology Section leadership were listed on the APHA Election Web site when the election began, corrections were made to the Web site and the deadline extended for our section. 


On May 27, the APHA Elections contractors sent a second e-mail notice to members asking ALL members to vote or re-vote.  You may find this e-mail dated May 27, 2008 in your e-mail in boxes from this source: "Election Services Corporation for APHA".


You will need this e-mail, which will contain the correct Weblink and your unique login information before you can cast your votes.


If you need assistance, please call (866) 720-4357 to speak with an Election Services Co. customer service representative.  In case you need additional assistance, you may contact Fran Atkinson from APHA at: (202) 777-2483


Those of you who voted before May 27 were asked to re-vote because the ballots you used were incomplete.  Thank you.


Yours truly,

Dr. Jim Gaudino

Chair, APHA Epidemiology Section