Community Health Planning and Policy Development
Section Newsletter
Winter 2004

Message from the Chair

As a result of a CHPPD Section Bylaws change we passed this fall through e-mail voting and through the affirmation of the Section Council members at the Annual Meeting, I am pleased to have the opportunity to serve the first two-year term as Section Chair. I look forward to continuing to work with the dedicated individuals who support the activities of our section.

I am using this column to report on our activities at the Annual meeting and to discuss our plans for the next year and the important activities that will be taking place in the future.

At the Annual meeting, the CHPPD Section stood out among all the APHA sections for its contribution to APHA leadership as two members were elected to lead the organization: Walter Tsou, President, and Karen Valenzuela, Executive Board member. In addition to modifying the Bylaws, we elected three Governing Council members: Mara Yerow, Linda Quick, and Peter Rizik, plus two new Section Councilors: Ning Liu and Islara Souto. Congratulations to all!

For this year’s 2004 term, we will be served by some great people:

EmyLou Solomon, Section Council/Membership Chair

Ann Umemoto, Awards Chair

Toni Pickard, Section Council/Policy Chair

Priti Irani, Secretary

Tom Piper, Chair-elect/Newsletter(next two issues)

Amy Carroll, Section Council/Student Liaison

Judy Gorbach, Program Chair

Monica Chan, Action Board representative

Mary McCall, Continuing Education Chair

Susan Myers, Secretary-elect

Carol B. Payne, Section Council

Islara Souto, Section Council

Ning Lu, Section Council

Lara M. Jones, Governing Council

Suzanne W. Nichols, Governing Council

Harry Perlstadt, Governing Council

Peter D. Rizik, Governing Council

Linda S. Quick, Governing Council

Mara H. Yerow, Governing Council

Edgar W. Duncan, Affirmative Action

It is through the efforts of these people, and others who work with them, that our Section maintains its vitality and relevance. Once again I thank both Judy Gorbach and Monica Chan for their programming and local host efforts that made our San Francisco experience productive and enjoyable. Contact information for Section Leadership is on the last page of this newsletter.

As I discovered last year, there is very little time to recover from the efforts of the Annual Meeting before the never-ending cycle of the section’s activities is presented with critical activities. Two of these are Program Planning and Nominations. We need your input as soon as possible for both of these.

The next Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC, Nov. 6-10, 2004. The deadline for abstract submissions to our Section is Feb. 12, 2004. The theme of the meeting is: Public Health and the Environment. Abstracts must be limited to 250 words or less. Please contact Judy Gorbach <> if you are willing to be a reviewer. It’s painless and takes less than an hour to review and make recommendations on 10 abstracts online.

I am also very interested in receiving nominations for leadership positions including the President-elect, Secretary-elect, Governing Council and Section Council positions. You do not need to have any previous experience to be considered for these positions; simply the willingness to work with your CHPPD colleagues makes you an excellent candidate.If you are interested, please contact me at <> so I can send you a nomination form. I believe the nominations deadline is in early March.

As we did last year, I plan to schedule quarterly conference calls for section leadership to discuss important issues. The first one was held at the end of January. The next one will be on Friday, April 30 from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., Eastern. Participation by any member is welcomed, whether you are an official CHPPD leader or just interested. Please contact me if you would like to participate so I can give you the information you’ll need to call in.

I encourage anyone interested in working with our Section to contact me, or any other Section leadership members, to discuss ways to become involved. We have a large section which benefits from the efforts of a few, and we need to add to the pool of people who are active in our Section activities to better engage, serve and represent this diverse community.

From the Desk of the Webmaster

Have you visited our CHPPD Web site yet?

I know that your plate has been pretty full this winter, so here is a peek at the Table of Contents for our Web site (with a brief description of each item’s contents):

Chair's Message (a welcome from Paul Meissner)
Leadership Roster (name, term and e-mail for every section position and committee)
CHPPD Member Manual (the comprehensive and definitive section purpose and structure)
Funding and Job Opportunities (a look at public health possibilities)
Fellowships and Internships (listing with timely information and application forms)
CHPPD Irreverent Guide (a fun look at our own specialties)
Annual Meeting Activities (backward/forward looks at events during the APHA Annual Meetings)
Annual Awards (descriptions and nomination forms for Section/Blum/Kimmey awards)
Interesting Web sites (broad listing of planning and CON-related Web sites)

With your help, we will be working on making the Web site more beneficial, entertaining and user-friendly. If you have any suggestions, or things you’d like to see on the Web, please drop me a line. Here are some of the questions we need to answer:

Web site value: what can it do for you or anyone else?
Features: should anything be added to the list above?
Opportunities: would you like to contribute to the Web site?
Frequency: what would keep you coming back to the CHPPD Web site?

This is a dynamic opportunity to network with other planners, and learn more about health planning. You can even link with our sister organization, the American Health Planning Association, <>, for yet another dimension.

A new concept is under cooperative development called “ePlanner.” Members of CHPPD and the American Health Planning Association are reviewing a broad range of options and opportunities that would establish a strong health planning support mechanism on the Internet. This service could include everything from a planning bibliography to resource materials to specialized websites to interactive planning tools for any type of health service. If you have ideas to offer to this exciting effort, contact Dean Montgomery at <>.

Let me know how you are doing, and how we can help your planning life be better <>.

From the Public Health Student Caucus

My name is Amy Carroll, and I am serving as the Public Health Student Caucus (PHSC) liaison to the Community Health Planning and Policy Development Section for 2004. I just wanted to take a bit of space to introduce myself and PHSC, since you will be hearing from me regularly throughout the year.

PHSC is the nation's largest student-led organization, representing over 4,500 students and young professionals in public health and other health-related disciplines. Since its inception in 1996, PHSC has developed numerous programs and initiatives to further the educational and professional development of its members by providing information, resources and opportunities through communication, advocacy and networking.

My goals as PHSC liaison will be to:
1) Represent the graduate student perspective and PHSC leadership within the CHPPD Section;
2) Represent the CHPPD experience to PHSC leadership; and
3) Build a stronger collaborative partnership between PHSC student membership and the CHPPD Section.

I also serve on the Action Committee of PHSC , as well as the Legislative Watch and Student Action Committee of the UCLA School of Public Health. This will provide opportunities to link these committees’ policy and advocacy activities with those of the CHPPD Section and APHA.

Not being new to the CHPPD Section, I have been a member since 1995, have served as an abstract reviewer, and have presented most of my papers in sessions sponsored by CHPPD over the years. I received my MPH from Berkeley in Maternal and Child Health in 1998, and worked for the previous five years as a senior research associate for Samuels & Associates (a public health research, evaluation and policy consulting firm in Oakland, Calif.). I am currently a first-year PhD student in the Department of Community Health Sciences at the UCLA School of Public Health. My focus is on the impact of health policy, neighborhood conditions, and grassroots mobilization on the health and well-being of underserved communities.

I look forward to working with all of you over the next year!

COMMITTEE UPDATES: Notes from Section Leadership Conference Call – Jan. 30, 2004

Nominations - Paul Meissner

Governing Council:
Seats on the APHA Governing Council are based on the proportion of total APHA membership a section represents. Presently we have eight Governing Council members. CHPPD will have seven seats on the Governing Council for 2004 and 2005. There is a need to replace Walter Tsou and Karen Valenzuela who were elected to Association-wide offices. To reduce our Governing Council allotment to seven members, we will replace only one of these vacancies. This will be done by appointment. Anyone interested in serving for one-year terms please contact Paul. We will also need two new Governing Council members. Paul asked members to get nominee names and short bios to him by March 1, and he has to submit it to APHA by March 5. Ideally we would have four or more nominees for the two new slots. If you are interested, please contact Paul to receive a nomination form (self-nomination is fine).

Section Council:
We currently have six Section Councilors; two have terms that expire this year. We need four or more new nominees for 2004. Marilyn Price resigned and will be replaced by Amy Carroll.

Leadership Positions
Chair-elect and Secretary-elect: At the end of the upcoming Annual Meeting, Tom Piper will take over as Section Chair for a two-year period. To ensure leadership continuity we need to elect a Chair-elect who will take over after the 2006 Annual meeting. It seems like a long time away, and is certainly difficult for many of us to project that far in advance, but all Section members are encouraged to help in identifying interested candidates. Please contact Paul for a nomination form.

Program - Judy Gorbach

Deadline for submission of abstracts to CHPPD has been extended deadline to Feb. 12, 2004.

CHPPD has11 invited sessions and 93 reviewers lined up When people ask for invited sessions, the decision was made that the person organizing session should be CHPPD member. This is a strategy to get new unaffiliated members, rather than draw people away from other sections.

Membership - EmyLou Solomon

CHPPD has 1,872 members, 6.1 percent of APHA. CHPPD is working with APHA to make sure the section has the latest contact information for its members, particularly for e-mails. As a member, please let APHA or the Section know if you have a new address or new e-mail. You can check the status of your listing on the Members Only Web page, <>. We want to keep you up to date and involve you in our work – but to do so, we need to know how to reach you.

The committee will be working to improve the new member orientation information and coordinate with APHA membership initiatives. Suggestions and volunteers as always are welcome.

Policy – Toni Pickard

New policy proposals are due on Feb.13, 2004. Please visit the APHA Web site at <> to view this year’s policy development guidelines which contains a calendar of important dates and deadlines for each step of the policy development and review process. You will need your username and password for the "Members Only" section of the APHA Web site to view this information. If you have any questions, please email APHA at <>.

Newsletter and Web Page – Tom Piper

See From the desk of the webmaster that appears after the Message from the Chair.

Students – Amy Carroll

The Public Health Student Caucus Liaison program is new. The liaison will be working with the Membership and Nominations committee as well as preparing a regular piece for the CHPPD newsletter.

APHA Action Board – Monica Chan

Action Board has three committees that will be reviewing policies and commenting whether the policy should be archived or whether further association needs is needed. . The committees are: Access to Care; Disparities; and Infrastructure. Monica is on the Access to Care Committee

APHA Executive Board – Karen Valenzuela

Exciting news – LCD projectors will be at the Annual Meeting. People will be able to access abstracts online. The meeting is at the new Washington Convention Center, a block away from APHA headquarters. At its recent meeting, the Executive Board reviewed and adjusted a strategic map that the Governing Council previously reviewed, taking account of feedback. The Association Treasurer reported a positive fiscal balance. It was also proposed that Dr. Georges Benjamin’s title change from APHA Executive Director to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

CHPPD Closing Thoughts

With over 1,800 diverse people, we are one of the larger sections with an overall interest in all of public health and beyond. As planners and policy advisors, we continually strive to expand and amplify our communications network. Your participation is vital to the achievement of our goals, so let us know what you are thinking.