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Community Health Planning and Policy Development

Current Issue of Newsletter:

Fall 2013 (pdf, 25 pages)

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Spring 2013 (pdf, 10 pages)
Winter 2013 (pdf, 11 pages)
Fall 2012 (pdf, 19 pages)
Spring 2012 (pdf, 12 pages),
Winter 2012 (pdf, 15 pages)

Three issues of the Community Health Planning and Policy Development (CHPPD) Section newsletter are published every year. The Fall 2013 CHPPD Section newsletter deadline is COB, Wednesday, September 13, 2013. This will be the last newsletter published before the Annual Meeting so members are encouraged to communicate with each other through the newsletter.

The CHPPD section publishes a short version and a long version of the newsletter. Articles longer than 200 words should include an abstract that is 200 words or less. Authors are encouraged to submit graphics (a photo or chart) with the article. Please submit articles to   Barbara Bernstein at and  Charlene Kuo  at .

The Fall 2013 CHPPD Section newsletter will be published in late September or early October.

Newsletter Articles: Articles more than 250 words are listed below.


Duty to Treat by Asha Cesar. Published Fall 2012 Newsletter.

Adolescent and Young Adults (AYA) Policy Brief by Asha Cesar. Published Fall 2012 Newsletter

Pathological Politics by John Steen. Published Fall 2012 Newsletter

Social Media Outlets: Making the Job Search Easier for CHPPD Members by Saboria Thomas. Published Fall 2012 Newsletter

Communication Matters: The Ongoing Challenge to Understand and Explain the ACA by Tammy Pilisuk. Published Fall 2012 Newsletter

Desiderata: Thinking Outside the Box by John Steen. Published Winter 2012 Newsletter.

Cultural Determinants of Health: The Politics of Ignorance by John Steen. Published Fall 2011 Newsletter.


Book Review - Anirudh Krishna's One Illness Away: Why People Become Poor and How they Escape Poverty.  Review by Priti Irani. Published Fall 2011 Newsletter.