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Change You Can Believe In

Change You Can Believe In:

Community Health Workers Meeting Today’s Challenges


The Center for Sustainable Health Outreach (CSHO) will hold its 11th annual Unity conference May 16-19, 2011 at the Marriott New Orleans at the Convention Center. Unity 2011 is a national conference designed for and about community health workers. The theme for this year’s conference is “Change You Can Believe In: Community Health Workers Meeting Today’s Challenges". 


Unity 2011 will address the role community health workers play in strengthening and enhancing public health in times of healthcare provider shortages, tight budgets, and impending public health crises.  The conference will stress the importance of community health workers to the health care and human services delivery systems; ways to develop and sustain CHW programs; strength-based responses to community health shortfalls; new and emerging roles for CHWs; and methods of overcoming barriers to CHW program success.


The conference format will include plenary sessions with addresses from keynote speakers and panelists, as well as numerous breakout, poster, skill-building, and roundtable workshop sessions. Community health workers are strongly encouraged to attend. Unity 2011 is an opportunity for community health workers to share knowledge, information, and expertise with other community health workers and interested parties. 


The conference registration fee is $300 and includes training, materials, and lunch each day. Discounted registration fees are available for community health workers and students. A number of limited conference fee waivers are available to community health workers upon request. Conference information is available at by following the Unity Conference links.


Exhibit space will be available during Unity 2011. The Center encourages community health worker programs and related service providers and educational programs to exhibit during the conference.  To discuss exhibiting during Unity 2011, contact Rebekah Young at (601) 266-5388 or There are also opportunities for your organization and partnering agencies to get national recognition by becoming sponsors for Unity 2011. For more information to sponsor Unity 2011 or other conference activities, please contact Susan Mayfield-Johnson at (601) 266-6266 or


New Orleans is a world famous tourist destination known for its multicultural heritage, music, and cuisine. With its wonderful restaurants, shopping, zoo, aquarium, and the ever famous “French Quarter”, New Orleans is an exciting place for a conference. Come join us as we celebrate “Change You Can Believe In: Community Health Workers Meeting Today’s Challenges". Be sure to mark your calendars now to join us in New Orleans, Louisiana for Unity 2011!


Susan Mayfield-Johnson