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Chiropractic Health Care
Section Newsletter
Winter 2011

Chiropractic Presence at the 2010 APHA Annual Meeting


Submitted by Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd

Chiropractic Health Care Section Communications Chair


The Annual Meeting APHA took place Nov. 6 - 10, 2010, in Denver. This meeting is the largest gathering of public health professionals in the world with attendance estimated to be over 12,000. The theme of the conference was “Social Justice: A Public Health Imperative.”


The Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section is one of 27 major sections in APHA and celebrated its 15 year anniversary as an APHA section at the 2010 meeting.


The National Board of Chiropractic Examiners invited all members of the CHC section of APHA to a dinner buffet reception in celebration of the CHC’s 15th Anniversary on Monday, Nov. 8, 2010. This reception was well attended; many people joined in the festivities.

The CHC presence was felt with the CHC booth on the convention floor in which we joined the other health care profession sections (Vision Care, Oral Care and Podiatry) in the Megabooth. Dr. Jason Napuli, the CHC Booth Coordinator, and a team of CHC member volunteers insured the CHC booth’s success.

Drs. Jonathon Egan and Jason Napuli in front of the CHC booth


The CHC booth provided the Expo attendees a professional and informative place to discuss and obtain information about how chiropractic is involved with public health.


award presentation

The 2010 annual CHC awards were presented by Gerald Stevens, DC, to members who were selected for their outstanding service and accomplishments. The award recipients included: Rising Star: Jason Napuli, DC, MBA; Distinguished Service Award: Jon Stites, DC; and Lifetime Achievement Award: Lisa Zaynab Killinger, DC.









Once again the CHC Section presented five strong scientific sessions along with two business meetings. The sessions (listed below) and both business meetings were well attended; some sessions were standing room only.


The next CHC Annual Meeting will be held at: the APHA 139th Annual Meeting & Expo Washington, D.C., Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2011.


leadership team 

Several members of the leadership team at the 2010 meeting: Jason Bartlett, Will Evans, Paul Dougherty, Jonathon Egan, Gerald Stevens, Mitch Haas, Claire Johnson, Alisa Fairweather.

Educational challenges: Public health, social justice and the chiropractic student


A critical review of chiropractic through the lens of social justice

Bart Green, MSEd, DC and Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd


Chiropractic educational institutions: Opportunities for social justice

Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd and Bart Green, MSEd, DC


Are patients receiving health promotion advice in the teaching clinic setting? An assessment of one teaching clinic

Marion Willard Evans, DC, PhD, CHES, Harrison T. Ndetan, MSc, MPH, DrPH, Greg Page, DC, Danile Martinez, MA, DC, Patricia Brandon, DC, Dwain Daniel, DC and Ronald Rupert, MS, DC


Changing the Health Promotion Behavior of Future Chiropractors – Application of Health Behavior Theories

Harrison T. Ndetan, MSc, MPH, DrPH, Marion Willard Evans, DC, PhD, CHES, Ronald Rupert, MS, DC and Michael Ramcharan, DC


Inviting Our Elders In: A Novel Approach to Enhancing Geriatric Education

Lisa Killinger, DC


Evolving concepts in public health and clinical practice


Public Health Burden of Musculoskeletal Disease: The potential role of the chiropractic profession

Paul Dougherty, DC and Dorian Savino, MPA


Consensus process to develop a “best practices” document for chiropractic care for older adults

Cheryl Hawk, DC, PhD, CHES, Michael Schneider, DC, PhD Assistant Professor, Paul Dougherty, DC, Brian Gleberzon, DC and Lisa Z. Killinger, DC


Evidence for CAM Healthcare Options: The ECHO pilot project

Maria A. Hondras, DC MPH, Cynthia R. Long, PhD, Lori Byrd, BA, Robert D. Vining, DC, Greg Boyer, BS, Lynne Carber, MPM, Nicole Homb, DC, Ying Cao, MS, Lance Corber, BA, MSITM, Joel Edman, DSc, Daniel Monti, MD and Christine Goertz, DC, PhD


Guidelines for physical activity for individuals with scoliosis

Bart Green, MSEd, DC, Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd and William Moreau, DC


Anterior nares colonization with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) among chiropractic students: An observational cohort study and epidemiologic survey protocol

Jonathon Todd Egan, DC, MPH


Health Policy, Practice and Regulation


Re-analysis of budget neutrality of the Medicare Chiropractic Services Demonstration

James Whedon, DC


Chiropractic Role In The World Health Organization's Effort Against Tobacco Use

Medhat Alattar, MBBCh, DC, MS


Development and expansion of a global public health promotion effort by chiropractors

John K. Hyland, DC MPH and Ron Kirk, MA, DC


Ensuring the validity of regulatory testing for chiropractic professionals: NBCE's Practice Analysis 2010

Mark G. Christensen, PhD, Martin W. Kollasch, DC and John K. Hyland, DC MPH


Performance evaluation of clinical competency for chiropractic practice: The spectrum of decision-making and interdisciplinary cooperation

Judi Gerstung, DC and Margaret Seron, DC


Research: Current status and updates


Clinician-friendly outcomes from a randomized controlled trial of spinal manipulation for the treatment of cervicogenic Headache

Mitchell Haas, DC, Michael Schneider, DC, PhD Assistant Professor and Darcy Vavrek, ND, MS


Chiropractic treatment of pregnancy-related low back pain: A pilot randomized controlled trial

Caroline Peterson, DC, CPM, PhD, MPH


Migraine subjects from a randomized controlled trial of spinal manipulation for the treatment of cervicogenic headache

Darcy Vavrek, ND, MS, Mitchell Haas, DC and David Peterson, DC


Disparate use of health services in minority youth with back pain – MEPS data

Krista L. Ward, DC, MPH and Monica Smith, DC, PhD


Analysis of MEPS data to discern the chronicity of back pain in young people

Monica Smith, DC, PhD


Interdisciplinary approaches to improve health care


A Multidisciplinary Approach to Addressing Rural Health Disparities via the Formation of the Integrative Health and Wellness Network of the Rural Finger Lakes: The Planning Stage

Gerald L. Stevens, DC , MS, MPH


A community-based and evidence-based approach to the management of low back pain: Preliminary report of outcomes data

Ian Paskowski, DC and Michael Schneider, DC, PhD


Trends in interdisciplinary referrals to and from chiropractors: CAM and mainstream providers

John K. Hyland, DC, MPH


Chiropractic management in a veteran population. Can outcomes be predicted?

Jason G. Napuli, DC, MBA, Paul Dougherty, DC, and David Chicione




Please consider joining us at the next CHC annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2011. For more information, please visit:


The Chiropractic Health Care Section of APHA (APHA-CHC), founded in 1995, has maintained a critical role in public health issues such as wellness, health promotion and disease prevention in the context of chiropractic policies and practices. For more information about the CHC, please visit

New SACA Committee for Public Health

Submitted by:

Elizabeth M Wisniewski
APHA Committee chair
Student American Chiropractic Association

Palmer College of Chiropractic West Quarter 6

In 2010 the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) created an APHA Committee. The goals of this committee are to increase chiropractic student awareness of the APHA and public health issues, get more students to become and stay APHA members and create activities on their campuses around national events like public health awareness week.

These goals are gradually being realized as five chiropractic colleges now auto enroll their student in APHA when they take their first public health class. Another way that these goals are coming to fruition is through the leadership of 11 students on eight of the chiropractic college campuses.  The schools that are currently active include: Palmer College of Chiropractic West, Parker College of Chiropractic, University of Western States, University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic, New York Chiropractic College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, National University of Health Sciences  and both the Los Angeles and Kansas City Cleveland Chiropractic College.  

These dedicated students came together for the first ever conference call with the guidance of Dr. Claire Johnson, Dr. Lisa Killinger, Dr. Will Evans and Dr. Monica Smith. Together students and Chiropractic Health Care Section doctors are working to plan events around this year’s public health awareness theme, injury prevention. This theme fits in nicely with chiropractic, and the students are excited for what they are planning during this week.

There will be an APHA Committee meeting during the SACA business meeting at the National Chiropractic Legislative Conference (NCLC) in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 13.  This will be a time to sit down face to face, in a professional setting, and work together to create events that will inspire more chiropractic students to get involved in public health.



Public Health Focus at the ACC-RAC March 17-19, 2011

Submitted by Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd

Chiropractic Health Care Section Communications Chair


APHA Chiropractic Health Care (CHC) Section members and leadership participated in the development and contribution of ACC-RAC workshops and paper presentations for the conference. Thanks to the assistance of Dr. Paul Dougherty and the many additional CHC Section members included below, we will have outstanding CHC presence at this conference. The Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference and Research Agenda Conference (ACC-RAC) will celebrate its eighteenth year in 2011. This meeting has a long standing reputation for scientific presentations and skills development1 and will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 17-19.


The ACC has kindly offered the CHC booth space, so the CHC will have an additional presence, thanks to Dr. Jason Napuli, the CHC Booth Coordinator.


Our APHA CHC mid-year meeting will also be held at the ACC-RAC. It is scheduled for Saturday, March 19 from 7:00-8:00 a.m. during the breakfast session so that all ACC RAC attendees may participate.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those interested in public health to participate within the Chiropractic Health Care Section.



Some of the ACC RAC presentations with a public health focus are listed here:


ACC-RAC Workshop - Fourth Annual Geriatric Symposium: The role of integrated care in Older Adults with Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS)

Moderator: Paul Dougherty


ACC-RAC Scientific Session - Topics in Public Health I

Moderator: Dr. Michael Haneline


Immunization Status of Adult Chiropractic Patients: Analyses of National Health Interview Survey (NHIS

Monica Smith, Matthew Davis   


Are Chiropractic Patients Less Likely to get the Flu Vaccine?

Matthew Davis, Monica Smith, William Weeks   


The Prevalence of Swine Flu Among Chiropractic Pediatric Patients

Drew Rubin, Kurt Kunz   


A practice-based prospective study on the incidence and prevalence of adverse events associated with pediatric chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy.

Joel Alcantara, Jeanne Ohm, Kurt Kunz   


Burnout, depression, and alcohol use in chiropractic students

Sean Herrin, Darcy Vavrek


Are chiropractors adequately prepared to handle the obesity epidemic? A review

Catherine O'Neill    


ACC-RAC Scientific Session -  Topics in Public Health II

Moderator: Dr. Will Evans


The use of sports enhancement supplements by adolescents in the United States: Analysis of national health interview survey 2007 – child alternative medicine core sample

Harrison Ndetan, Will Evans, Mike Perko, Ron Williams, Ron Rupert  


Alberta chiropractors’ opinions and practices regarding the sale of health products

Stacey Page, Jaroslaw Grod, Gord McMorland   


Usual Source of Care for persons with and without Back Pain (MEPS data).

Monica Smith    


A survey of wellness management strategies used by Canadian chiropractors

Brynne Stainsby, Peter Kim, Jason Porr, Ashley Collinge, Julie Hunter  


The Association between Sensory Impairment and Functional Limitations in Balance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Kim Farrar, Debra Rose   


A survey of student and faculty attitudes towards geriatric wellness care

Anupama Kizhakkeveettil, David Sikorski, Gene Tobias   



We hope to see you there! For more information about the ACC-RAC 2011, such as schedule, accommodations and registration, please visit





1.     Johnson C. What is the Association of Chiropractic Colleges Educational Conference and Research Agenda Conference? J Manipulative Physiol Ther. 2007 May;30(4):249-50.

Public Health - 2011 Special Theme Issue

Public Health - 2011 Special Theme Issue


Submitted by Claire Johnson, DC, MSEd

Chiropractic Health Care Section Communications Chair


The August 2011 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics will provide a special focus on public health issues and chiropractic care. This will be our fourth annual issue that will offer a wide range of articles on public health topics.


Through the generosity of the National University of Health Sciences and Elsevier, the CHC Section will receive extra copies of this special issue of the JMPT for distribution at the 2011 APHA Annual Meeting, the chiropractic sessions, and the CHC booth.


Articles for the 2011 public health-themed issue of the JMPT should be submitted no later than March 1, 2011. Guidelines for submissions can be found at: or by contacting the editor at

Registration Now Open for APHA Midyear Meeting — "Implementing Health Reform: A Public Health Approach"

Registration is now open for APHA’s Midyear Meeting: Implementing Health Reform — A Public Health Approach. Join public health colleagues and partners in Chicago, June 23-25, to better understand the health reform law and its implications from a public health perspective. Gain the tools needed for implementing the provisions of the Affordable Care Act and for improving health outcomes in communities across the country. The early-bird registration deadline is April 15. To register or for more information, visit .